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Thread: Does anyone here use leg braces and crutches instead of a wheelchair?

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    Was on my way with crutches and had a back injury just above where I was parad. It's painfull to lay down for the first 5to 10 min, then it eases up, same thing standing, if i get distorted it's severe pain and I go down, dam, it would be nice to be upright again, 4'3" is a far cry from 6"2".

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    fore-arm crutches for town, travel. wheelchair for work, home & cooking. My one leg is allot longer & has sever tone & the foot does not work at all & it's proprioception is limited to pain, but i can get through an entire airport with crutches & a KAFO on one side. not pretty, but hey........

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    I am a spinal cord injury T11 complete injury, injured in Feb 18th 1977---35 years.
    I use long leg braces that I received from Craig Spinal Cord Hospital in Denver Colorado.
    I use forearm crutches with the braces.
    I have used these braces for 34 years and I hope I go to my grave wearing the braces.
    It is a very good workout and a nice option to give your butt a weight shift.
    Now please understand, it was difficult at first to "find my balance point" but now it is much easier. I lock my knees in the braces and stand up either with crutches or holding onto something- car, furniture, or any other stable fixture.
    I have bail locks on the braces, but I cut them off of the back of braces. The bail locks took up too much room inside my pants.
    The braces do tear holes in my jeans, so I buy cheap jeans at Sams Club--about $14.00....
    It is impossible to use braces 100 per cent of the time for me and my injury level. But it is quite a blessing to stand up and rest my butt or pull up my pants while dressing.
    I was 24 years old when I was injured and I will be 60 years old this summer.
    Wearing my braces is just part of me.. I put the braces on in the morning and take them off when I get ready to go to bed.
    Craig Scott braces are what really work for me...

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    I have peripheral neuropathy so I still leg thighs are quite strong. I use both a light weight Quickie II wheelchair and forearm crutches with AFO braces. I prefer the chair over the crutches


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    I used to gait daily back in the 80's, sometimes exclusively and didn't have a chair with me. It's not practical, though it has standing and exercise benefits. If it were my money I'd rather have a stander and a handcycle.

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    I am L1 complete with some hip flexors and weaker hip extensors. I have been learning over the past 4 months how to get around with an RGO - there are some videos on my blog . I can repeatedly get around with a walker although it is a lot more effort than using a wheelchair.
    I am learning to get around with forearm crutches although they are more effort and I feel less stable than a walker currently. The main issue in using hand crutches is that I still cannot reliably get to a standing position (remember I need to stand with my knees locked).
    I have fallen twice when I went into the real world with a walker - in both cases a thin rug curled up and "tripped" the back of the walker causing me to fall forward.
    I have recently started using my braces at work with a walker.
    It is still unclear how often I can use the braces - for ma the biggest barrier is the massive back brace that makes up part of the RGO and makes it difficult to wear the braces at all times - If I could wear the braces at most times and carry forearm crutches in my chair I believe I would use them a lot more

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