For some, this could be a great alternative to a foley catheter or intermittent catheterization.

"Urovalve, Inc. of Newark, N.J. has announced that the FDA has granted an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) approval for the company's Surinate Bladder Management System, allowing Urovalve to conduct a clinical study for the device in the United States. The Surinate system consists of a device inserted into the urethra that bridges the bladder neck, prostrate and external sphincter and provides a valved connection between the bladder and the bulbous urethra. The valve is magnetically controlled and can be activated remotely by the wearer by using a hand held magnet to self-regulate flow. When the hand held switching magnet is brought within 3 - 4 centimeters of the check valve magnet, it draws the check magnet away from the valve seat, permitting urine to flow out through the urethra. It is used for managing problems such as urinary retention and incontinence and can stay in place for 28 days."

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