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Thread: Black tie dress code - walking with AFO

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    Black tie dress code - walking with AFO

    So what do you wear to black tie functions? I'm walking slowly but wear an ugly black AFO so its flat lace up shoes only. So what should I wear to a black tie formal function? I'm likely to have to walk up and onto a stage in front of everyone (I hated doing that when I could walk normally, I hate it even more now) and would like to look nice but don't know what to wear.

    Could I go a long dress with flat boring black lace up shoes or should I stick with nice slacks and a really nice top?

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    Believe it or not, no one will notice your shoes except you. You can get patent leather ballet flats if you want, but just plain tie leather black shoes would be just fine. You might find wearing black or navy velvetene slacks and a sparkly top the most comfortable, but a long velvetene or chiffon skirt would be fine too. Add some sparkly jewelry as well.


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    Try below the knee hem skirt with one black leather boot that goes to the height of your afo on the other side. then wear a functional black shoe with the same heel height on the afo.

    Hey - L2r - you are racing on the disabled cycling team and doing great. Walk tall !

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    I have had this problem more than once, and wore both a long dress and pants (not at the same time).

    Liked it much better when wearing the long dress !! It is true no one will look at your shoes. Enjoy !

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    You could also wear a short A-line dress like this one, with black velvet pants underneath:

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    Personally, I go with dress pants and fancy top. SCI Nurse is right - no one is likely to notice your shoes... but if it's going to bother you, go with what 'feels' most comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corinne1 View Post
    SCI Nurse is right - no one is likely to notice your shoes... but if it's going to bother you, go with what 'feels' most comfortable.
    Agreed. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you will feel more confident and self-assured and your shoes will not be the focus of will.

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    If it were me, I'd wear a long dress (as long as you won't trip on it), and not worry about the footwear. Just because a long dress makes me feel more glamourous than trousers.

    (At first I was going to say, "Obviously, you would wear a tux", but then I looked at who had actually posted the question :-))

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    I like the ballet flats idea. I typically wear Mary Jane flats - so they stay on. Naturalizers, Clarks etc come in wide widths so the AFO fits (takes a little stretching at first and tear out the insole). My AFO is white, but I typically wear it exposed. Just rock the look. A LBD will look great with a LB AFO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loreo View Post
    Just rock the look.
    Love that statement and attitude!

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