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Thread: Pain has gotten worse....I didnt think it was possible :( :(...

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    Unhappy Pain has gotten worse....I didnt think it was possible :( :(...

    So, I under-went shoulder surgery 2 months ago hoping that it would atleast help with a small portion of my everyday excrutiating pain. I so far have been completely unimpressed . I am actually in MORE pain then before I had the surgery. I knew that might be true for the first few weeks but COME ON!!!!, 2 MONTHS LATER!!!!
    I need to get more sleep but im in so much pain that i cant sleep for more then 20 minutes at a time. I just want to cry all the time but I cant because the pain that accompanies crying might cause me to do something I would end up regreting. Why cant I be one of the "lucky ones" that finds a med or group of meds that makes this awful relentless pain atleast tolerable ????

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    I'm confused . Did I just read a post you got out of the hospital after . 2 months ?
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    Yes you did. I had shoulder surgery and there were some complications.

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    Oh-I should have looked at this first. Was it rotator cuff?
    Dave had both shoulders done a year apart before his SCI. He was off work 3 months with one and was painful a couple more. (He was a pipefitter and did medical gas, was a physical job)

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    Shoulder surgery can be a rough one to recover and rehab from. I had fairly extensive shoulder surgery a year ago and I hate to think about having to go thru that with central pain. At two months out I was barely out of the sling. Be vigilant with your PT, especially the range of motion. I haven't done all I should or I'm sure I'd be a little better off by now. I can absolutely say that the shoulder surgery surgery was a more painful experience than when I had my surgery for prostate cancer this past summer. I guess that's the nature of orthopedic surgeries, and I've had a few.

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    I was just going to add what David Berg said.
    Stick with the PT.

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    Well.... sadly since I did PT most of the summer trying to avoid surgery if possible I now dont even have enough benefits left for an eval . I am doing as much stretching and ROM as I can on my own but the cold weather is not helping any of it. My benefits start over again January 1st....

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    I know how dumb this might sound, but I get bad shoulder pain and burning/electricity down my arms, and draping a bag of frozen peas over each shoulder calms them down for's a tip from a PT and it really helps when the burning is bad.

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    shoulder pain

    I was just diagnosed with a "shoulder impingement" by ex-ray.
    This is a 15 year old injury, i have suffered here and there with it over the years, never had it looked at, but now, with my cane, being right handed, possibly falling a gazillion times has contributed, (one fall imparticular) i went for that first injection. First cortisone injection was 10 or so months ago and it worked great. Got another one Wednesday and it was like a placebo. I go in next Thursday for a MRI to see if i have a torn rotator cuff.
    Doctor said he is a "worse case scenario" kind of guy, said the rehabilitation was 3-6 months. He also said if it is torn, leaving it would only make it worse, injections would not be the answer. I am not coordinated with my left hand, (using cane etc) but after reading all of this, i seriously don't think i want to have a surgery with this many complications, and like someone said, on top of this neuropathic pain etc. if i am not able to get around, distract my brain, use the new SideStix i just ordered, i am going to seriously reconsider a surgery, even if the Doctor did say it would get worse.
    They have been wrong before! Thank God i saw this before Thursday ):

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    Springville girl, I don't want to say one way or another if surgery is right for you or not. I decided to have the surgery because I could no longer even fold my laundry etc... It has been two months since surgery and I just got out of the hospital and inpatient rehab as mentioned. I am supposed to have outpatient but don't think that will be happening until after the new year due to the insurance issue and what not which really irks me!! I had three cortisone injections and none of them helped in the slightest. They did the MRI and I had a torn rotator cuff along with three bone spurs and general inflamation as you can imagine. I say put off surgery till as long as possible with whatever method you can!!!! As far as my CP goes... it has gotten worse. I'm not sure if its worse because of the pain from the surgery or if its just getting worse but honest to God, I cry for hours every day because of the pain I'm in even after the surgery.

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