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Thread: Autonomic Dysreflexia

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    Autonomic Dysreflexia

    So I know that I have wrote something about my autonomic dysreflexia, but it has gotten to the point where it is out of control. I get it so bad as far as: chills, cold sweats to the EXTREME (whole left side SOAKED!!), and face flushed. Sometimes headache and others... Just want to know if there is anything that you can take for autonomic dysreflexia or if you get it bad if I should get checked out or do something about it. Any suggestions is appreciated.
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    If its bad you need to find out whats causing it. I don't get AD often but when I do its usually a toe that has curled under in my shoe once I straighten out the toe it goes away. Just from reading the posts here on Carecure I think you could possibly have a syrinex or pressure sore. I hope others chime in and you find some solutions.

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    you should totally get checked out, J. AD is usually a symptom of something going wrong that you're not aware of, so if you let it go, who knows what could be getting worse.

    sounds like its time to check out those new Michigan doctors!
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    Yes sounds like you might have something causing pain therefore causing A/D. Check out your body carefully, toes for infection, butt for sores, butt irritation from b/c or possible low grade UTI you don't know you have. I had a low grade UTI for quite sometime a while back and got a/d a lot probably due to cystitus (irratation of the bladder walls) but have kicked it and don't get as much a/d now. Mainly only for a couple hours after bowel routine after 30 years of irritation in that area.
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    I keep nitro paste for if iot ever got crazy. Never used it but i keep rx up to date. Thats the only way to stop it b4 you stroke out rep
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    Do you monitor your blood pressure when the autonomia gets crazy? If the blood pressure is high, your doctor can prescribe rescue medication to reduce the blood pressure. High blood pressure from autonomia can be dangerous and cause a stroke. When did this extreme autonomia start?

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    AD can be prevented or atleast caught in the earliest stages before blood pressure is over 150 and requiring Nitropaste.There is some type of irritation or stimulus below the level of your injury- 80% is bladder or bowel but can be anything.You need to determine the cause and prevent it.

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    Have you established any kind of pattern for your AD or does it seem random? For examples, does it stop when you are in bed, does it just happen when you are sitting or wheeling? Have you lost a noticeable amount of weight recently? Does any change in position or activity seem to make it better or worse?

    The concern is that the AD is getting worse because the underlying cause is getting worse.
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    Did you ever get your cathing method figured/straightened out? Could be the foley causing pain, stretching, spasms,etc., been there myself. Time to see a dr. & do scans, start with a good neuro urologist first. Don't keep trying to figure it out yourself & suffering, it could cause serious complications! Best of luck.

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    It is not wise to use medication to mask AD symptoms. AD is a warning that something is potentially seriously wrong. The cause of the AD can in an of itself be lift-threatening. If you mask the symptoms with medication, you risk missing a dangerous cause in time to effectively treat it.

    Medication should be use ONLY to buy yourself time (preventing a stroke) while an aggressive search for and remedy of the cause is sought.

    Nifedipine, Minipress, Apresoline, and Nitropaste are examples of medications that can be used for this. Nitropaste (or any other form of nitroglycerine) must be used with extreme caution for any man who also takes oral ED drugs (they cannot be used during the same 24 hour period).


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