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Thread: Non-stop spasms after fall

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    Non-stop spasms after fall

    I'm from Europe, so I'll try to write in the best English possible
    About 3 weeks ago, I fell out of my wheelchair. In the hospital they told me I had a bruised foot and indeed: in 2 two days my foot went purple!
    I don't feel any pain, as my SCI is on the Th6-Th8 level.

    However, immediately after the fall I got spasms in my leg and foot. They only stop if I lie down and when my foot hasn't any pressure of a shoe or even a sock.
    It's about 3 weeks ago and my foot has retained it's normal colour, but the spasm still exists. This is petty annoying and keeps me at home, as driving and/or working is almost impossible.

    My doctor recommends a small dose of baclofen, but I think this won't work immediately and hasn't any influence on the type of spasms I have at the moment.
    The doctor in the rehab-centre over here is always busy or out of office, and I think it's easier to get Barack Obama on the phone than this doctor!

    Therefore, I want to know if you have any recommendations. Is it better to take baclofen to get rid of these spasms or is there any other way to prevent my leg from going up and down, every minute or so?
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    I think they missed something, good chance something is broken. You need to see another dr asap. You may be doing further damage.

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    I would go with the baclofen. I started using it about 15 years ago and my spasms are almost non-existent.

    Good luck.
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    You may do well to get that foot xrayed. Spasms that don't stop are a sign there is pain and something is wrong.


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    I'm sorry that I forgot to mention that I had a X-ray and that nothing is broken. They could only see some bruises.

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    Xrays can't see everything I wonder since it's still a problem if a MRI would be something they should consider? Just a thought or perhaps another xray since maybe there was a lot of swelling???
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    Oké, thanks! I will return to my doctor to speak about a MRI, although it get's a little bit better.

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