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Thread: Led lcd tv?

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    It seems the plasmas are making a comeback on 50 inch on up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Art454 View Post
    It seems the plasmas are making a comeback on 50 inch on up.

    Yes, as I found out the LCD's and the LED's do have their problems. The Plasmas have been greatly improved from the past and now have 100,000 hour panel life, much greater abilities to display pure blacks and use a lot less power than they use to. This 50 inch Panasonic I'm getting only consumers 139 watts when its running, thats amazing, thats right down there in LED TV terratory.

    I did a little research on it last night and apparently Panasonic bought out Pioneers great plasma technology so for the 2010's in the Panasonics they look something like the Pioneer elite series which is a good thing, they are radically different from the 2009 Panasonics which were still good, its just they are that much better now, best picture ever on Viera, then with the added bonus of 3d which included 3 glasses and 2 bluray discs and a bluray 3d player it was a no brainer for $1799.00, all this stuff combined was originally over 3 grand, makes me wonder if they are going to ditch 3d soon same as like they did with SACD and the old Betamax. Even so, I don't care the picture is great in 2d and I found out the only difference between the vt25 and the vt20 model is the vt25 has a rs232 port and isff calibration cabilities neither of which I need, the processor and the screen is the same so the guy at best buy was wrong. The other difference is the one I'm getting has a stainless steel surround around the screen which I'm not really crazy about but I will live with, I wish the bezel was just black like most tv's. Oh well, at least it will match my kitchen appliances.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    That's what the guy said in the review said Curt but he managed to get the flashlighting down to an acceptable level using an on board calibration gizmo.
    i don't think i want a tv i have to configure, adjust and calibrate
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    Just to pitch in ....

    I've just bought the Sony Bravia 46" LED LCD 3D, with 3D Blueray DVD, 2 Pairs of active glasses, and 5 Blueray 3D titles.

    We got a free extended 5 year warranty, and a voucher to send off to reclaim the VAT from Sony, worth £280.00

    We're very happy with the TV, great picture, and have the WiFi set up so it can play streaming video from BBC iPlayer, Youtube etc.


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