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Thread: Changing indwelling catheter

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    Question Changing indwelling catheter

    Is it better to change it every 2 weeks & risk infection changing it so often or change it every 3-4 wks and it drain real, real slow because it's slowing closing up?
    After about 2 wks my stomach stays swelled & I feel miserable when I drink after 3-4 pm in the evening.
    I drink the same amount but right after it's changed my bag has 1500 cc's to 2,000 cc's. Afer the 2nd week it's down to 1000 cc's and keeps slacking off till it's changed. It has to be backed up & that can't be good.
    So which is better or worse?


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    Hi Mona, What brand and what size indwelling catheter are
    you using? That maybe something to check or compare. I use bard 18fr silicone and I don't have that issue. I did notice a time or two when drainage was slow, so I change out the indwelling catheter plus night bag, but normally I change mine every 4-5 weeks. Sometimes UTI can cause slow drainage too fyi. Pop a few cranberry pills too.
    Good luck.
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    Better to change it, I'd say because if it isn't draining well it can be putting pressure back up through the bladder to the kidneys, which is very very bad. You could also try flushing it, or using a larger size catheter as mentioned above. But the bottom line would be to get to the root of the issue and figure out why you have sediment that is blocking the catheter. Good luck.

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    I would say change it every two weeks. The indwelling itself is a risk for infection.

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    I change mine ever 2 weeks whether it needs it or not. Also change out leg bags and night bags, of course!

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    I would change it more often. I've used an indwelling for 26 years. I had problems with blockage the first few years, I wasn't drinking enough water. After I started drinking a lot more water and taking 1000 mgs vitamin C a day I haven't had anymore problems with blockage. I've had bladder stones removed 3 times, last time was in 2005. I use an 18 fr. 5 cc. Bardex I.C. foley and change mine once a month. I started using the Bardex I.C. a little over a year ago and it seems to have helped cut down UTI's.

    Does your catheter have a gritty build up inside and outside when you change it?
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    Thanks for all your great answers!

    I use a 22 fr 5 cc Silastic catheter. I've had stones removed 4 times in 20 yrs.
    I take 1500 mgs of vitamin C a day
    I use to take cranberry pills but read so much that it really doesn't help.
    It's probably backing up because I get chills just like before sci'd when it told you you needed to use it. kwim? Also have kidney stones.
    The tubing does get discolored a little, but not like it use to.
    It use to get so dark you couldn't see inside it.
    I was using saline & flushing it but now use Renacidin to flush.
    I think it helps but I still can't go a month.

    So bottom line if I feel like it's getting sluggish & draining slow better to change it!

    I always thought you got the infections from putting germs in the bladder via the catheter change.
    Good to know that it's not CWO!

    Thanks all!

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    That's possible but there is a direct entrance with the SPtube in the bladder.

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    I try real hard to keep it a sterile procedure but there's slip ups.

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