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Thread: Cup holder for manual chair

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    Cup holder for manual chair

    Have been looking for a cup holder that will fit on manual chair armrest?
    I've bought 3 bicycle styles but the attachment end is not big enough.

    Hoping you more ingenious members could guide me?

    Thank you
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    I was going to post a picture of my crotch, until you specified arm rest

    Ok, serious answer.
    I tried this little pouch from case logic. For various personal reasons, it didn't work for me.
    But I figured it could be tied to a tension strap under or on the back of your seat or on an armrest.
    I like it being a soft, rather than a metal or plastic frame like a bike bottle setup.

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    If you are going to use it for a bottle instead of a cup, you may be able to mount one of the bicycle type on your backrest vertical post. It means that you have to reach around behind you to get it out. If you have to have it on the armrest, there should be a way that you can attach it with a hose clamp like this one. You'd just need a bit of Yankee ingenuity, and I'll bet that there are a couple of million transplanted Yankees in South Florida
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    kmart has a bell bike holder that i wire tied to the covered down tubes of my Kuschall. worked great. it had a adjustable strap for different bottles and when it wasnt in use i spun is around behind the frame tube. i think i have a photo of it in my profile photos.

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    I've got one That Ive used for a couple of years. Try this web site: This isn't exactly like mine, but close.
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    This is just a regular bike one, use zip ties to secure it. The zip ties allow for some movement left or right. If I'm carrying a large drink I just turn it to the outside of the chair for more room. Cans and smaller drinks I keep tucked in closer. Push the ties up and down and the holder comes off if need be. That's Line-X on the frame in case anyone was wondering. Had my truck sprayed and the guy did both curves on the chair for free, took about 5 minutes. It hasn't been abrasive on the skin, which is always the first question people ask. I can drag it all day long on concrete with no frame damage.

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    I am getting a cup holder/handphone pouch/bottle holder in a short while from OX Thailand. Hang in there if you can and once I get the holder, I will share. It looked sleek and not too bulky. It's not made of plastic or metal, but cloth type.
    OX sells the 'catch-all' betting for the bottom of the wheelchair as well. Will see if it fits my ZR S2 which should be arriving..this year!!! Sigh!

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    as you can see, theres a big difference between bottle and cup holders..... i have plenty of both, so ill tell you what i found out:

    i like both liquid caddy ( and the universal ( as cup holders. they are both gimbled, so if you have hot coffee in them they wont tip in your lap if you come to a ramp or sudden slope. the way they mount is different, and prices range widely - so do a google search. they both fit bottles too.

    for bottle holders, best i ever had was one i made from duct tape. double over strips of tape, and use a scissors. the smoother, less wrinkled, the longer it will stay clean and look good. use your usual size bottle, and make some rings/ struts with the tape. dont forget to loop under the bottle, so it doesnt fall out.put a little 'loop tag' on the top ring and the bottom ring, and cable tie onto your downtubes. it makes the lightest, most inconspicuous and cheapest bottle holder. squish it out of the way when not using it, make it any colour you want, and as soon as you get sick of it (or spill all over) you can rip it off and make a new one. in the past ive used more tape strips to mount, and also those reusable velcro cable ties.

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    Amyk, regarding
    ... bottle holders, best i ever had was one i made from duct tape.
    Can you post a couple of pictures?

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    i took my most recent one off my chair 2 weeks ago, and i havent got around to a new edition yet! sorry - ill see if i can find an old photo, but i doubt it. the old one was made with silver duct tape and my little cousins got a bit over enthusiastic with the custom decoration - lots of purple sparkly nail polish and gold glitter, my name in shocking get the picture. had a close encounter with a cup of coffee, so i binned it.

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