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    Hi everyone
    I like the Service Dog posts here

    Lately I been thinking alot about possibly using my personal Dog as a service dog
    I dont know if it is a good idea to use your own personal 4 year old dog as one but I wouldnt mind trying the concept out .

    My Dog is a 90 lb Doberman he is my baby and very well trained , I probably could have a dog trainer get him in top shape up to par If I could afford one ...
    He really is part of me for better words and he does like going for rides with me .
    Has anyone done this before on here ?
    If so any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you all


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    Other than knowing that Dobes are really smart and want to do what you want them to do, no real advice. Mine catches on in about 3 times to figure out the goal. And at 90# he should be big and strong enough to really help you out.

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    My last 100lb male red dobie was my sercice dog trained by me. I gave him the middle name "Service" one time a hotel challenged me. He was so smart and felt my needs before I ddid. He picked things up, opened doors etc. Sadly he died suddenly from cardio mypathy. I've been deeperessed since.
    I have his 90lb black daughter. She's either not as bright or I fear losing her. She is a good companion and most likely would protect me from burglers if one happened to drop by.

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    Hi Dash / BeeBee
    I totally understand , I've had smaller dogs years back that were so special and well trained I dont know some dogs got the knack and others dont !!!

    Factually I truly love Dobies and you both would have really had a blast with my bunch lol
    The other day I let him run free and he just runs around some then comes immediately to me usually at the left side of my wheelchair
    He is a blast , Only thing is he is a big bonehead for better terms as he really would be excellent if I could find a trainer that could tame him down a bit because he is the Alpha Male in our bunch here .
    A powerhouse
    I am trying but it is hard for me at times ....

    Tomorrow i'll look through the phone book for trainers and speak to some
    My Dog would be great if he could only mellow out lol

    I'll try to upload some kool pics of him and his twin sister they are really cute

    Thank you both
    Sincerely ;

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    Buy Teamwork I and Teamwork II great books on training your own SD.. Breed should be fine, question is if he has perfect social skills & health to meet the challenge.
    Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!

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    Hiyaz Polet
    Will do thanks

    My dog has really great social skills and is very healthy
    He has alway's at my side .

    Sincerely ;

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    Dobes are great! We were a foster home for the Doberman Rescue League for several years while my kids were in high school. It gave our terrier mutt pals to hang with, and satisfied the kids volunteer hours needed for graduation.

    We had very young puppies to old timers. We had all levels of intelligence, from unbelievably fast learners, to one poor old, really stupid fellow. One trait they all had in common was coming to my side when a newbie entered the house. We often wondered if they came to protect me, or came to me for protection. Funny -- the newbies were always afraid of the Dobe, when they should have been afraid of my terrier mutt. Terriers are far more unpredictable than Dobes.

    I'm sure yours will make a perfect service dog.

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    Awww Thanks SoFla

    I think he will
    2 years ago He protected me and really showed his true sincerity .
    From that day on we were like glue , what a lovely creature .

    Have a nice sunday

    Sincerely ;

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    Both of my service dogs are Dobies. Pearl came to me as pup and grew up working. Aubie came to me a few months ago as a 4 y.o. retired breeding girl. She had good manner but no service skills. She's learning now.

    As long as your Dobie is well socialized, you should be ok as you begin your service training. Read up on the rights of service dogs at the federal and state level so you'll know when to stand your ground and protect your civil rights as a PWD w/a service dog.
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    dobies make great service dogs. I took a 13 year old dog never trained border collie mix to reserve champion second level obedience in four months. she was extremely trainable even as an old dog. she was my senior 4-H project. it seemed like a waste of time at first, but she got what I was asking, eventually. her one and only competition she did not get the grand champion mark because I leaned forward slightly on the recall. she was perfect though. Dobermans are the same sort of dog that needs a job, and likes having a job. good luck, and please post lots of pictures of your progress.

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