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Thread: Shriners Hospital for Children: Philadelphia

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    Shriners Hospital for Children: Philadelphia

    Again, I'm not really sure what topics are allowed on which sections of the forum, but you can move this if needed.

    I was wondering if anyone here had done their rehab at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Philadelphia?

    They specialize in SCI and other Orthopedic conditions, and it's where I was sent after my injury. I have been curious to find others who went there that I may or may not have met while I was there!
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    I was in the Oak Park (Chicago) location. I loved it there (other than the reason for being there).
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    I went to Magee Rehab in Philadelphia and really liked it there. Another good rehab is Kessler Institute in New Jersey.

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    I did not, but shriners paid for experimental surgery on me as a baby and toddler, and I know a couple people who did very well with shriners in philly. I would go to them or magee if I needed anything like that again, or knew someone who did.

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    noirinsmum brought her daugter there from Ireland, you can search her threads

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    I did back in 1981. By the looks of your picture you probably were not even born then.
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    haha Nope! I was born in '87!
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    Hi, Sharon is right, we did take Noirin over for a week last Summer (July10) but we were out-patients after the first day and didnt get a chance to meet many people. Have great faith in SHriner's and love the fact they are so involved in research and always appear a step ahead. Will be going back every year-prob in Easter 11-may get a chance to meet up then. Noirin loves hanging out with teenagers but she is only coming on 7!.

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    It's a fantastic hospital! Dr. Betz (if he is still there) is the most amazing doctor, and just a very pleasant man in general.
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    i know a bunch of current and former patients from the springfield location. we did a fundraiser for the one in boston a few years ago... the boston one does mostly burn injuries. the fire department my dad is a member of sent them a check at the end of the fundraiser. i don't remember how much it was for, but it was a pretty good ammount.
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