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Thread: Bruno wheelchair/scooter lift for sale

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    Bruno wheelchair/scooter lift for sale

    I wanted to tell everyone about this Bruno wheelchair/scooter lift that I have for sale. I thought you could pass it on to see if anyone is in need. I bought a minivan that already had hand controls and this lift installed, and I don't need the lift. Bruno sells this lift for around $3000 I believe. This one is about 7 years old and in great working condition. It came out of a 2002 Chevy Venture, but will easily install into any minivan. I am attaching pictures and other info to this email.

    Scooter-Lift II Model VSL-900 webpage
    Youtube video of the lift.

    I'm willing to sell it for $1000.

    If anyone is interested I can be contacted at 219-531-0055 or

    Thanks a lot.

    Joe White
    NWI SCI Group

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    Did you sale the lift? If not, do you still want to sale it.

    thanks, Wes

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