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Thread: SSDI, work, and the department of rehab (California)

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    SSDI, work, and the department of rehab (California)

    Hi Everyone,

    So I'm in a dilemma. I was receiving SSDI and SDI (California), but now I am only receiving SSDI which is not enough for me to survive on here in California. California SDI is only temporary which usually lasts 52 weeks. My dilemma is that I recently have been approved by the Department of Rehab here in California to pay for my tuition, books, and fees for graduate school, but I need a part time job. I am looking for a part time job so I can make less that $1000 a month, but I haven't received any responses on my applications. I am considering doing a temporary full time job that might pay up to $3500/mo for a few months (up to 6 months) because I may have a job opportunity. I understand during the trial work period (approximately 9 months), I would be able to make as much as I want. With this income, I plan on paying all my bills off and save most of it as I plan on going back to school in the Fall of 2011 for my master's of social work.

    I just want to make sure that I don't loose my SSDI benefits and DOR benefits after I work. I think DOR benefits are not income based so I'm not as worried about that as to loosing my SSDI benefits. I want to hear other peoples experiences similar to this situation. Let me know what you think, if I should try to work the temporary full time job or just wait it out and find a part time job to not risk it.


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    I would be careful about losing your DOR benefits. If you show that you are able to make gainful employment in an occupation suited to your disability, they may not want to pay for your masters degree.
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    Thank you, I'm already leaning towards not getting a full time job that shows substantial gainful activity. All of the part time jobs that I've applied to have not responded and I'm worried about my finances.

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    the DORS program here only pays for "2 year career programs" at community college, not four a four year degree from a university. i was approved for program but they wouldn't even cover transfer classes for 2 years.
    not sure how far from the school you are, but they would pay for travel expenses if i had lived more than 15 miles away from school.

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    Yes, my DOR program will cover tuition, books, fees, and travel expenses.

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    Smile I get supplemental income working from home

    Hi, my name is Cindy and I'm working from home part time referring people to some wonderful non-toxic, naturally-derived, very concentrated and reasonably priced products.

    I am 55 ½ yrs. old, have been a C4 Quadriplegic for 26 ½ years, am single and have 4 extremely active grandchildren ages 6 to 10. I am almost more busy and involved in my grandkid's lives than I had time or energy for when my own daughter's were younger and it's because of these naturally-derived vitamins that I take!

    I didn’t have all this energy and such a positive outlook on life before I became one of their customers in 2009 and now I’m really enjoying life, and more importantly keeping up with my 4 imaginative and busy grandkid's! Then about 1 ½ months ago when a sudden financial situation came up I decided that maybe I should think more seriously about teaming up and working with these folks!

    I'm having an absolute blast being a part of a fabulous group of people who market and enroll customers for a privately held manufacturing company. The company is just like Proctor and Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Unilever and so on but there are some key differences between how this debt-free company operates and how the mainstream manufacturers work. If you have a computer and a phone, you can do this, too.

    I am loving being able to work when, how and where I want to or have time for. My income is up to me and how much I want or don’t want to work. I am in touch with a hundred or more fantastic free mentors and have ongoing free training at my fingertips. It has NOT cost me an arm and a leg and I needed no schooling or degree. I’m meeting some really cool people from all walks of life, too!

    You don't have to make this your life's work but it could sure help just for right now. I don't know how all this SSDI Income plus working thingy works, either.

    Send me a note if I can answer any questions you have about what I'm doing and rest assured this is NOT an MLM or Pyramid.

    Good luck with the full time position, too!

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    What is your company selling and what did it cost you to get started if you don't mind me asking?

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    oh please. at least start your own thread with this stuff.

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    Sorry just asked a question, geez. I didnt mean to interrupt your thread.

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    my comment wasn't directed to you. we must have posted at same time. sorry.

    to clarify, cindy, why don't you start a thread if you want to market something. just a suggestion.
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