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Thread: Help! My dad won't eat and is malnourished.

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    small frequent meals of foods high in nutrition is best for keeping things going. I am sometimes taking regulin, which helps keep digestion moving. since my injuries, things just dont move along as fast, so I feel full on a small amount of food.

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    His depression may not be sufficiently treated with just medications. I hope he is also getting a "talking" therapy fairly intensively as well.

    We would seriously consider and encourage a patient to have a temporary PEG (gastrostomy) feeding tube placed in such a situation. Pressure ulcers require intensive nutritional therapy, and often the person cannot eat enough orally. He should still eat, but also get tube feeding to get his labs up into an acceptable range.


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    Last year I spent two months in the hospital. Everything going on killed my appetite. They gave me the ensure, which I had a terrible time getting down. I was in a hospital that let you order what you wanted, I finally was able to get chicken soup and toast down. Almost everything just made me sick and nothing sounded good. I finally after a few weeks started eating more than soup and toast. I wish you and your family well.

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    I find pain meds to be hell on appetite.

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    That's the truth! The Gabapentin for the last five years has been piling on the weight, but I've lost over twenty pounds so far, since going to the pain clinic and getting new medication for pain. Funny, I still take the Gabapentin too. Have to admit the weight loss is a bonus.

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