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Thread: live in caregiver contracts

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    live in caregiver contracts

    Does anyone have a good version of a contract for a live in care giver...

    also is it standard for the client to provided food for the caregiver or is the caregiver supposed to provide there own food?

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    For our attendants (both live-in and part-time) we provide their food if they prepare my mother's meal, or accompany her to a restaurant, but on their off-duty time or otherwise, they provide their own food (which they may keep in the kitchen refrigerator).

    Whether you do this or not is entirely up to you and what you negotiate with each employee, just as it is up to you to determine if the person will be doing only your personal care, or also yard work, cleaning, laundry, etc. I write the contracts based on samples obtained in books on attendant care and our experience and needs. There have been samples from others posted here before. You might want to do a search using the word "contract" to find them.

    For live-in help, it is common to pay a monthly or weekly rather than an hourly wage, and to "deduct" from the salary the amount that normally it would cost the person for rent and utilities (which you provide). The same goes for use of your vehicle if you are not in the car (we don't allow this ourselves, but some do). We require them to have their own vehicle, and to have both a valid driver's license and either be a citizen or have a green card.

    We do a background check ALWAYS, and offers of employment, in writing, are conditional upon the background check coming back clear. The PI we use for these can usually get a report for me in 1 day.


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