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Thread: is anyone else always cold?

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    is anyone else always cold?

    it seem like i can never seem to get or stay warm. i don't know if it's spinal cord related or not, but if i'm with a group of friends, it always seems like i'm shivering while everyone else is comfortable. everyone will be wearing hoodies and i'll be the dork in the parka lol

    does anyone else have this problem?
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    A few years ago there was a thread on this forum about being spinal cord injured and cold all of the time. You might find it and other information by searching the site using the term "temperature regulation."

    I am a c6/7 quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury, and I am always cold. I am also hypothyroid, and I take synthroid. My medicated blood test results are normal, but I wonder if some of my temperature regulation and sensitivity isn't also related to hypothyroidism.

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    My lower legs think they are cold, even when they are not!

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    Yup. I wear at least 2 more layers than everyone else, and 2 more blankets on my side of the bed! I find if my neck is warm it helps. And similar to the last poster, even if isn;t cold, my lower back always thinks it is cold. I often sit with a small blanket wrapped around my waist. I am thinking of making a big fleece scarf or something!

    If you search for some other threads, there is some medical reasons for this, and it is mentioned.
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    Parts of me are almost always cold - the left arm and hand, and left calf and foot - and sometimes the calf and foot feel like they're cold, but when I touch them they are not. This does seem to be due to temp-related SCI issues, at least that's what a neuro told me years ago.

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    I think being cold and being SCI sort of go together unfortunately. I can never warm up in the winter, and my lower legs and feet are like ice cubes. I wear layers and I also bought one of those bead bag things that go in the microwave and then around my neck, shoulders, or sometimes tossed into the bed with me. Just make sure you check it isn't too hot in any given spot.

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    in the winter, i sleep with one of these: (i have one of the stuffed dogs), but i don't actually have it in contact with my body, just have it under the covers to provide a general warmth instead of just having warmth on one spot.
    my feet are always the coldest part of me.
    mitochondrial disease complex 1 deficiency, suspected HSP
    type 3 ehlers danlos syndrome w/ type 1 overlap, g and j tubes
    aspergers & friends
    survivor of 2 TIA strokes

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    Aren't those flax-filled critters great!? Mine is a cat and I sent my friend a Golden Lab (different company, but same idea). They are heavy, but the weight feels good to me.

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    I am the same way adding layers doesn't help me any it is due to my spinal cord injury is in my neck c6/c7 incomplete.

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