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Thread: 2010 Almost Gone

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    yes, true that. I am not vent dependant, but the last two times that I have been seriously hospitalized. I had to go on the vent and ween myself off it. Horrible
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    khmorgan, I hope we all see improvement in our lives thru stem cell therapy. whether walking, or other improvements, we need to see something soon.

    keeping on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky View Post
    Maybe some breakthroughs next year . . . .
    I hear you...
    ..but there has been some progress & I think Leif's attitude is the right one. The one we must have even when we have had a bad day...
    Also 2010 is not over yet..
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad View Post
    Vent dependent sci's breathing on their own. That needs to happen.
    Like five years ago!
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    Quote Originally Posted by khmorgan View Post
    Screw walking. I just want enough movement back to be truly independent.

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    Thank you keeping on for ur views.

    You are more optimistic minded. God bless you always and also bless all of us here.

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    I do my best to advocate and support the cure! it simply just isnt enough though. not to be discouraged though. 2010 isnt over and by going to Dr Young's lecture's i learn of up2date major and minute things that we are learning about these cells. we are learning how they behave and react to things. this is a delicate procedure and it may be ready to go but im glad that when it does happen we will have much more knowledge and a better approach.
    just keep spreading awareness!

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    ...The sooner, the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MValente81807 View Post
    Who the Republicans? hehe...I kid. Sort of. I just really, really hope they don't hold back Stem Cell research/trials/potential advances.
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    A year gone a year closer to cure

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