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Thread: ZRA S2 Seat back height dilemma

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    you can adjust the height after... no problems.

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    Ask away. I'm sure nobody feels like you're asking too many questions.

    In regards to the topic, Stephen is right. Go for a lower height and a Jetstream/ADI back.

    At 12 inches, you can move from nine to 16.

    The thing to keep in mind is where the rigidizer is on the back. That will be a nontrivial stopping point. To go below it would be a radical change vs. whatever you want above it.

    I currently have my clamps right below the rigidizer. I guess I got lucky that it happens to be the right spot.

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    I have thought about rigid backrests but unfortunately, they are not eligible for shipping outside the USA. Even if they are available locally, I am not willing to pay the exhorbitant price to get one.
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    adi backs from sportaid start at $382, and they do international shipping. that price is for the aluminium, but im sure if you look around you could find the cf. although im not sure of the realistic weight differences.

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    You could always build your own.

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    Just get the chair and be concerned about the other stuff once you have it dialed in.

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    in terms of height, i would be more inclined to go for the lower of the two ranges - how tall are you when sitting down, and where does your current backrest sit?

    maybe you should ask tilite - its weird that the two ranges dont overlap.

    i really thing you should think about the sling cushion. the flat bottom may be easier for you to use... although there are several 'sag infill' cushions that work as additions, if it turns out you do need it, without a permanent alteration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petertan View Post
    I know I have posted a lot of questions lately. Please bear with me as I finalize the specs for my ZRAS2. It is the small details that is troubling me now.
    Love all the questions. The more you ask the fewer I need to ask!
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    Quote Originally Posted by My395 View Post
    Love all the questions. The more you ask the fewer I need to ask!
    Agree, learn a lot from the forum.
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    Of course, if you go for the higher range, you could probably trim the extension tubes and drill new holes as necessary. Although you should ask Tilite as there must be some reason that it is unavailable.

    Is it an option to get the folding handles instead (with overlapping range) and ask anyone helping you up a step use the rigidizer bar to pull?

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