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Thread: new C4 C5 C6 complete quad

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    new C4 C5 C6 complete quad

    hi I was injured on June 12, 2010. My friend's car was hit by a drunk driver and I was the only one hurt in the car. I have a few questions and concerns. I was in ICU on the vent for three weeks and then for three more weeks I was in another facility to wean off the vent. I didn't start rehab until six weeks later and now scared I waited too long. I'm also dealing with a lot of depression because I've lost all my independence. I have very little in my right arm. I am now doing outpatient rehab and nervous that I won't see much return.

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    Welcome and sorry you had to find us. Best of luck with your continued recovery.

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    Hello! First off, it is wonderful that you are off of the vent. Breathing is something most of us take for granted, along with eating and speaking.
    My husband is a C3 with a trachea and uses a vent at only at night.
    How is your rehab going? Do they specialize in SCI?
    I think feeling depressed right now is normal. Do you have a social or family worker that is working with you now for future plans?
    Hang in there.

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    Welcome to the forums. Things will be what they are and no one can predict what the outcome will be. This is a great place to start. Just hang in there... take one day at a time.

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    It is never too late! Keep working hard.

    Welcome to CCC. Great place!

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    It is outrageous that you were denied inpatient rehab at a specialty SCI center. Who made that decision? Are you uninsured? You need both the therapy (which you cannot get enough of as an outpatient) and the inpatient educational and milieu of an acute inpatient rehab center that includes counseling, rehab nursing, education programs, case management, therapeutic recreation, vocational rehab, and other services rarely available in an outpatient therapy program.

    Your level of injury is unclear, and I suspect this may be because you have not received appropriate and sufficient education about SCI, or your providers are not sufficiently educated about SCI. You cannot have a C4, C5, C6 injury. Those may be your vertebral fractures, but they cannot be the actual ASIA levels of your neurologic picture. If you have two levels (such as C4/C5) that would indicate that your neurologic level is C4 on the right and C5 on the left, but it can't be 3 levels. I would recommend that you read this article by Dr. Young, and then ask your physiatrist (you do have one, right?) about your actual level of injury.

    Please come back and ask more questions. It is critical that you get better informed about your care needs, as you will need to become the expert and be able to direct your care needs to maintain a high level of wellness and function.


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    never give up...........

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    Welcome to the forum. In addition to rehab, this is the best place for you to be - best wishes to you.

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    Make sure you follow up on what the nurse has written. Whatever facility you went to had their head in the wrong place. Pleae get to a facility which knows what is going on.
    Good Llluck

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