in August my brother's lease was about to expire on the apartment that he was renting. He wanted out of there, so we decided to move in together... well, looking back on it now, I can say that it was not a good decision. Before we moved in together I said it might not be a good idea, because I'm going to need help with things like cooking, and cleaning as well. He agreed that he would do it he just wanted out of his apartment lease. I bought the house and I pay for the taxes, and told my brother that the only thing he needed to pay was utilities. He helps me get to bed four nights a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, And in exchange for his help,I don't charge him any rent and I pay for his cell phone bill. My dad puts me to bed the other nights and helps me with my bowel program and shower, he also helps me get up on the weekends. I have an aid that gets me up in the morning Monday through Friday. So the only help I really ask for is putting me to bed those four nights, which he does. It takes about 20-25 minutes; however, he says that he is paying too much money to live here and doesn't like when my parents come over. Which I find as a bs excuse, because he is paying about 400 less a month living with me than he was when he lived at his apartment and if he doesn't like my parents coming over here can always go upstairs, which is like an apartment all by itself, because the upstairs is huge. So, we've been living together for two months and he said he is going to move out in December. I think he is just lazy, because he doesn't cook (I order all my meals and have them delivered) and he hasn't cleaned one thing since we moved in the house (including his own room). If it weren't for my parents coming over and cleaning, I would have to hire a maid. He is a full-time student, but doesn't work. I was living with my mom before this, and now I am stuck with a house that I own, and now need to start looking for a roommate to get rent from. I really did my best to try and make this work, I paid for all of the renovations in the house the only bills that I ever asked to pay where the monthly utilities. Before all this me and my brother got along pretty well, but after all of this I think it's going to be hard for me to look at him the same way. He hasn't helped out with anything other than putting me to bed.

I've asked my agency, and have been calling around to find agencies for someone to come in those four nights for an hour at 11pm , but they all tell me that it is going to be very hard to find someone to work that shift for just an hour. I worry that I might not be able to find anybody to come in for just one hour. I pay out of pocket for my aid in the morning for two hours each morning which comes to $800 a month, plus I pay for my health insurance. I am not covered for any state services, because of my income.

is there anybody who knows where I might be able to find service for those four nights or where to start looking?

I live in Levittown PA just outside of Philly

Any advice is welcomed.