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Thread: how to improve triceps

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    how to improve triceps

    Hi buddies,
    I m a quad c6 complete..the strength of my triceps r power 2...which means i m unable to extend my elbows against gravity...plz suggest what exercise should i do to improve it so that i m able to do activities which currently i m unable to,such as sitting up on w.chair while on the floor..?

    plz share your ideas..

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    shit, im a c5-6 and got none - ur a c6 u should have'em
    C5/C6 Complete since 08/22/09

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    actually according to my MRI reports i m c5 com,but luckily functioning at has only been an year since your injury...i hope u would improve triceps with time coz i recovered it after 3 years...u can try for tendon transfer as well to gain some good grasp and elbow extension....

    sci nurse plz reply
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    he cant do that exercise! ........he said he cant extended his arm against u hve any tricep movement?? hang ur arm at ur side, can u flex ur tri?....if so isometrics..just flex the muscle and hold..repeat.....also, put stim on tricep and flex when the muscle flexs with the stim.....

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    fahad, a c5 complete should have no triceps... try to do some chest presses and strengthen your shoulders and chest to compensate for the triceps.

    try stimming as well

    good luck
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    Best to do and try if possible is swimming ,put on a life jacket so that you can flout in the water that way your arms is flouting and you can start to get that arms long has it been since your accident as i could not use my right arm at all and after 4 years its moving and im almost transfering myself

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    Thanks guyz for the input...

    Hi roc21 and jerkens,my triceps r functioning acc to my muscle charting report,i can easily flex them perpendicular to gravity but not against gravity...i can flex these while hanging arms at my side...

    Hi Riaan it has been 5 years since my injury

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    no triceps

    you may have to adapt the way you do many movements to enable biceps to take over from some of the tricep functions. Can you sit and push a chair at all? I play wheelchair rugby and many of the 0.5 point players have no triceps and push with palms further back on the wheels using biceps to pull rather than triceps to push. Rugby will really allow you to gain as much fitness and muscle recovery as you are likely to get as well.

    We also produce a gripping aid for those with no grip to hold weights/gym equipment and other items to help build up strength. We sell on line and distribute worldwide if they are of interest to you. I use them nearly daily.

    Good luck and hope some of that helps.

    Rob Smith
    C5/6 incomplete SCI
    Founder of Active Hands gripping aids. Improving independence for people with weak hand function.

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