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Thread: Please anybody with TM that can help me!!

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    TM with a first attack of MS 14 years ago.
    I am a T7 para.
    YOU need a sharper doctor- or at least one who has the sense
    to recognize the pain is NOT acceptable.
    What you are experiencing can probably be relieved
    to a great extent.
    Lying in bed from pain isn't going to help the pain.

    Got access to a physiatrist or pain specialist or at least
    a reeeeally good PT?
    Go for it.
    You have a life to live.

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    I've been paralyzed by idiopathic TM sine 11/14/05. I take one drug for pain,
    low dose naltrexone. LDN.

    Join the tm lists. or the yahoo list
    where you can get more feedback on drugs. I know someone on the list made a list
    of the various meds people had success with.

    Others have reported taking a suite of drugs for pain
    inlcuding neurontin(sp?) gabapentin... and others.

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