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Thread: Back from my trip to Ireland

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    Thank you for the trip report! Sounds lovely.

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    You've come back as a writer! Very descriptive! Glad you had a great time. Pictures soon I hope!
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    Funny you mentioned the fuschia bushes. I went in July one year, and the ditches were FULL of them. I was only familiar w/ the plant as a small, finicky house plant w/ a reputation of being difficult to grow. Got to Ireland and they grow rampant, like dandelions, except bushes the size of a small car, covered in blooms!

    Did you stay in a bed-n-breakfast? We did, back pre-sci, not a one of them would be accessible to me now. I gather you knew it would be accessible beforehand?

    You stayed in County Galway for the duration? One of my fave memories out of 50 years of living happened in Galway. Steve and I wandered up to a pub, tired, thirsty, hungover. It was a music festival right in a parking lot directly next to the bay. First, a dreadful band played Smoke On The Water, and this pleased Steve immensely. He said "There, NOW I know I'm in a foreign country." He'd heard the song butchered in Japan, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam LOL, it was a traveling rite of passage for him to hear SOTW played badly.

    But then the good part. One of my fave bands of all time, The Commitments, started playing just as the sun set over the bay. Ohh my goodness, did I dance! Just a happy coincidence, right place at the right time and Guinness on tap, to boot.

    I love that country. I also witnessed the sudden waterfalls after a rain out on Dingle peninsula-spectacular.

    And the Irish are by far the friendliest ppl you could ever hope to meet. I'm glad I went when it was cheap. At that time, it was one of the least expensive European countries to visit!

    So glad you had a good trip, that sucks about your flight. Flight be damned tho, I'm so jealous of you and your trip I am 3 shades of green right now.

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    Eileen - it sounds like you had a wonderful trip, that's really nice. Other friends who have been there loved Ireland, too. Did you do any pictures?

    Keps - Ireland gets the Gulf Stream head-on; its warm water from the tropics guarantees warm and wet air. England is partially shielded from the Gulf Stream by Ireland, so is a bit colder and dryer. We found the weather in Surrey not terribly different from that in our part of Oregon.

    - Richard

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    Sounds great Eileen. Did you get a business class seat to lay down?

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    Well Eileen, You must be blessed!. THere has been nothing but damp, drizzly weather since you left and last weekend was freezing! I had invited another Mum from Dublin with a boy with SCI up to Donegal over halloween holidays. THey arrived tUesday and left today and didn't get a chance to see/do anything. I had big plans for trips to adventure parks, horseriding and sight seeing but the mountains were covered in cloud-the lakes grey and no horse would even leave a cosy stable in such weather! So the children passed the time in the pool and hanging out- boys against girls, Noirin has a brother and Sean a sister and the one-up-man-ship between our two wheelchair users was great craic! and of course the mutual counselling session between Mums went on till 3 this morning over a baileys coffee, wine and a cosy fire so not all bad!
    I love the area you were staying-worked as a waitress in Lisdoonvarna in summer during college-fond memories. Glada you enjoyed yourself and thankyou for doing your bit for Irish Tourism ! Take care, Sonia.

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    You are so lucky to be able to travel to Ireland. I have been giving serious thought to moving to a remote corner of Ireland for the summer sometime. I can still walk a bit, so it would not have to be all that accessible. It is just a dream though.
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    I'm so glad you had a good time, Eileen! I've been hoping all went well as far as accessibility goes. I'd love to see some photos if you have the time to post them!

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    Thank you all for the welcome home messages! I did luck out with the weather, which would have been considered exceptional for almost anywhere, but for Ireland that much sunshine in a row is a bit of a miracle. For those of you wanting to go to Ireland I can't express how much I hope that you can. I should be getting my pictures back in a couple of days and will post a few here for all to see just how magnificent it is.
    Betheny, this time I spent three days in County Clare, specifically in Lahinch, one of my favorite places on earth, and then moved on to the house I had rented on the Renvyle Pennisula in Co. Galway. Out of family loyalty I always spend some time in Co. Clare, as my family hails from Ennistymon, which is right near the famous Cliffs of Moher (800 ft high!) and also practically on top of an area known as The Burren. For those of you who have never heard of The Burren it is a magical place filled with limestone karst, more variety of wildflowers than anywhere in Europe, and lakes that appear after a heavy rainstorm, and then the next day disappear as the water drains through the relatively porous limestone. When I was there this time it was Labor Day in Ireland, and much like three day weekends everywhere people were bustling about and enjoying the weather and scenery. I saw an entire rope climbing group giving a go at one of the sheer rocky cliffs in The Burren, and while not particularly high it is amazing to me that they could get any foothold to climb at all. The reason it has such a huge variety of wildflowers, including arctic varieties, is that so many birds from all over Europe nest there in the winter, depositing the seeds when they arrive, and those seeds find the temperatures and moist conditions very favorable to growth. I have made many trips to Ireland over the last thirty years though, so I have been to every part, including the north, except for the south east corner. Dingle is another amazing area, as as I am sure you know, the movie Ryan's Daughter was filmed on Dingle.

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    Skippy, if you could go I think you would find it refreshing for mind, body, and soul

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