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Thread: What is your favorite Halloween trick or treat?

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    Geez ye...Skippy nice treats for Halloween.
    lik-em-aid....haha, theres a memory shaker

    Quote Originally Posted by LindaT View Post
    One lady in our neighborhood used to give jumbo Hershey bars.
    I can remember that over 40 years later but not sure what we had for supper on Monday.
    Linda isnt it funny how the mind works?

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    Up until I was hurt in 2002, we used to get over 125 kids every Halloween. Of course the fact that we gave out full sized candy bars, may have something to do with it.

    Everybody from all around brought their kids into the small town we lived in. Pop 750

    People were very nice to us when we were little, so I want to return the favor.

    Popcorn balls were the best. You can't give them out anymore.
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    The popcorn balls...ohh, I remember those. There was a little old lady who made those every year and we loved those things.

    In the summer we would go visit Lillian and she would give us the windfall peaches from her yard. I still haven't found a peach like those in all my years. Warm and juicy, leaving sticky trails down your arms. God, I miss those days.
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    Send all the neccos to me, you ppl don't appreciate a good powdery odd-tasting toothcracker, clearly. Neccos 4-eva!

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