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Thread: "Pain contracts" and marijuana use

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    Can they test for alcohol? I don't know of a test that would tell anything like alcohol used in the past 30 days, only if you had drank recently enough to still be metabolizing it. And in that case a person would be pretty stupid to show up at pain management with alcohol in their system! But maybe that could help catch addicts who aren't there for legitimate pain control.

    Unfortunately at this point I require narcotics daily so I don't ever drink either. When I only required them here and there for bad pain flares I would back off my non narcotic pain meds (like ultram) on special occasions to have a glass of wine at a gathering or my fav drink at a karaoke bar.

    I also hope to see marijuana legalized in more places. I've always found it ridiculous for it to be criminalized while alcohol is not.
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    Absolute insanity. In order to work in the mines in northern BC you have to agree to urine screening. Pot stays in the system too long so people use crack cocaine.

    It breaks my heart that they are strong-arming you by threatening to cut off your pain medication. it's inhuman

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    It does suck. For me, if I was going to have the chance of being pissed, and that meant I would lose the meds that worked, I'd quit. The pain that gets to me isn't even touched by MJ, but it doe's give me a better quality of life, wish I could use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnGimp View Post

    PATHETIC BASTARDS... ANYONE and I DO MEAN ANYONE who can say with a straight face that pot should be illegal. I've been saying it since I was in grade school. Stupid mf's.
    What a horrible story. Being suffocated slowly.

    Poking around James Poling's website I found this from

    Marijuana Isn’t a Pain Killer—It’s a Pain Distracter

    “Cannabis does not seem to act like a conventional pain medicine,” Michael Lee, an Oxford neuroscientist and lead author of the paper, said in a statement. “Brain imaging shows little reduction in the brain regions that code for the sensation of pain, which is what we tend to see with drugs like opiates. Instead, cannabis appears to mainly affect the emotional reaction to pain in a highly variable way.”

    No wonder the establishment is so adamant about funding the war on medicinal marijuana. Can you imagine the effect on Big Pharma if marijuana wasn't demonized, if the general public found out about the true cost versus benefit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Lin View Post
    But does it smell like marijuana at all? For example, just smelling the marijuana leaves makes me feel sick to my stomach. The smoke is worse, like hanging on someones clothing after having smoked but the raw leaves even do it to me.
    yes, it does smell like marijuana but for a very very short period and it dissipates quick. All i can say is its nowhere near like smoking a joint or a bong.
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