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Thread: "Pain contracts" and marijuana use

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    "Pain contracts" and marijuana use

    How common are these pain contracts between doctors and patients taking opiates for pain management? I take Percocet for pain management strictly on a as needed basis. When the pain reaches a certain threshold I'll take the medication, but I do so sparingly knowing that the trade-off is constipation. Some days I don't take any for pain because it hasn't reached the pain threshold that interferes with me being able to do the things I need to do that day. Other days the pain is so bad the Percocets don't help and it's just a miserable day. This pain is mainly in the butt and shoots down my legs and in my feet. I don't know what factors make the pain tolerable one day and not the other or the frequency of the pain.

    On occasion I also like to use marijuana and I don't live in a marijuana friendly state. I know it's illegal, but I'm in my home and I try to be as responsible as I can. It relaxes me, makes me feel less anxious, helps me sleep, and uplifts my mood. On those days that are just miserable it helps me focus on something else other than the pain. I've never told my doctor this because of its legality and having that filed away in my medical records.

    Now one day my doctor tells me in order to be prescribed opiates I need to be in compliance with a pain contract. The contract states that at any time I can be urine tested and if the results come back positive for marijuana I'll be cut off from being prescribed any opiates. That seems harsh. It's not like I'm abusing drugs or have ever asked my doctor to increase my medications. I think it's wrong that marijuana is scheduled as one of the most dangerous drugs having no medicinal value whatsoever according to the DEA, when even the American Medical Association disagrees. I think it's unfair and really none of their business unless it is affecting my health.

    Does anyone know more about these pain contracts? Can they be challenged? Is this something all doctors must do now because of all the prescription drug abuse?

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    It is nothing new. Legitimate pain clinics in Florida have used the contract for many years. I discussed marijuana with my pain doctor several years ago. In a round about way, that would not cause him his license, he let me know that pot was not a big concern to him. These doctors know that weed works, but are bound by FL law. Actually, I was never tested after my initial visit with him.

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    My impression - that kind of a contract is par for the course.
    I think that, the docs are forced to follow that procedure in order to protect their own azzes, if not because it may be required by law in some states.

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    It is really unfair.

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    It's required by law in TN. I have a contract with my pain doctor. I was required to be evaluated by a shrink and attend a class given by the pain clinic before they would even begin treatment. I'm also required to give a urine sample at any given time. Not just at appointments. So far, I've been tested twice since beginning this spring.

    It is unfair in a lot of ways, but they have no choice. I have to use the same pharmacy, and not take any pain rx's from any other doctors. If I would end up at the ER, I would have to notifiy them as soon as possible if pain meds are given. There's a whole bunch of stuff on the contract. But, you have no choice......not if you want treated.

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    My husband gets his Percocet and Ativan from a PCP.
    We always get it from the same pharmacy, but not because we have to and they let anyone pick it up.
    He has never gone to a pain clinic or specialist though.
    Once at a pharmacy at the clinic I had to show my licence and sign something just to pick up one pack of Sudafed.
    I think if people want to use pot it is their own business.

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    Agreed, Linda.
    Nicotine or alcohol in the blood don't cause the alarms to ring; neither should a little cannabis.

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    I agree, nicotine, alcohol, and cannabis should'nt be an issue. But, thanks to all who have gone before us abusing it, and getting the laws changed, we now have no choice if we have to go to a pain clinic.

    I was'nt a happy camper several years ago when they changed the laws about allergy medications. I've had more problems buying the amount of Claritin D needed in a month for my husband and I..................... Then you have to put up with the employees who are mad because they'e now stuck with the extra work involved selling the crap.

    Sorry, just a bit off topic. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfbdorf View Post
    Nicotine or alcohol in the blood don't cause the alarms to ring; neither should a little cannabis.

    Thanks for the replies. If only there was a FDA approved pharmaceutical that had the same side effects as cannabis… every night we'd see evening commercials urging us to ask our doctor about this amazing new drug.


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    PATHETIC BASTARDS... ANYONE and I DO MEAN ANYONE who can say with a straight face that pot should be illegal. I've been saying it since I was in grade school. Stupid mf's.

    His mom got a settlement years later. The JUDGE is still alive.... I feel they should have been sentenced to death for murder. Good thing he wasn't my son, but they would have had hell taking him from me to jail anyway.

    Pain clinics...I went to one one time years ago. Rolled out when they said what I do at home is their business. Fucking police state mentality got out of hand after the 70s. Whichever state comes to their senses FIRST will be my new home.

    Those who make laws that keep us in pain and on the end of a beggar's leash to get relief, I have NO sympathy for. BIG OIL and PHARMACEUTICALS rule the roost. Wonder which one kills us first?
    I wear synthetic fiber underwear's the closest I can come to makin'em smell my nutz and lick my ASS!


    ps forgive my rant, 30 yrs of hammering it out and I STILL ain't got over the utter stupidity of it all. Good luck in Cali getting out the voters with a brain instead of the mindless slugs who will vote against legalization...

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