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    I Want to Hang

    I stand in a standing frame frequently, but lately i've been thinking about the benefits of inversion for stretching and spinal decompression. Does anyone do it? I'm not sure how easy it would be to transfer to an inversion table, even though I transfer well. Another idea I had was gravity boots and an electric wench mounted to the ceiling.

    Any comments?

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    I thought about that too, for my son, but he pointed out that he had metal rods in his back, still, if compression is the problem it could shake things up a bit-hopfully positively.

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    I'm a longtime yoga student, and even so I worry about inversion...especially for people with SCI, since autonomic dysreflexia is a potential issue for all of us. Full inversion is not recommended, even for AB people with blood pressure can get equal benefits, without the risks, by lying on the floor and putting your legs up the wall at a comfortable angle.
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    I purchased an inverter a number of years ago and used it religiously for a couple of years until it got moved to the basement. It's back upstairs and I've been hanging all summer. I feel great after inverting: loose, well- stretched, pleasantly flushed. You can, of course, over do it but a moderate routine should be fine. I had to "adjust" mine to stay horizontal while I transfered on it. The transfer is tough. I am a complete T-10 para. Good luck and have fun. Just so you know, I did once fall out of it, but tucked my head and slipped right out on the floor. No harm, no foul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Standen View Post
    Just so you know, I did once fall out of it, but tucked my head and slipped right out on the floor. No harm, no foul.
    Once a stuntman, always a stuntman, eh Patrick? Good stuff
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    We use inversion for some of our clients at Project Walk. We do it with gravity boots and a Total Gym. We hook the boots to the lat pull down bar at the top.

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    I use a flat bench that has an electric ram that inverts the bench. You secure your feet like you would using an abdominal bench with an adjustable pad that locks your ankles. After about 20-30 mins. of inversion I feel a lot better.

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