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Thread: Adaptive Equipment Needs Survey

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    If we were openly referred to as cripples again, the term would not be derogatory. Look at any 30 or 40 year old dictionary, all it means is that we can't walk. When people see someone in a wheelchair, they think "cripple", feel guilty about it, and then blurt out something politically correct. I think that PC is the most incorrect movement I have ever seen, taking ordinary words and making them "wrong".
    Amen, brother.

    Crazy talk inspires colorful banter to say the least.

    If you have to deal with stupid baby talk, there's no opportunity to jack up the crazy factor. Ignorance doesn't scare me. I can fend for myself.

    As far as I'm concerned, the PC movement can choose somebody else for their poster child.

    I'll be a mogwai until midnight… And after my midnight snack, all bets are off.

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    could you work on designing anti-tippers that are truly user-friendly, the ones on my ti-lite aren't.

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    Hydraulic disc brakes under $400.

    Anti tips that are separate from the center of gravity.

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