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Thread: Adaptive Equipment Needs Survey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    Wow, what a bunch of weenies!

    A cripple is a person or animal with a physical disability, particularly one who is unable to walk because of an injury or illness.

    Guess what, I can't walk - I'm a cripple! If you can't walk, you are a cripple too. That's all it means. I am much more comfortable being called a cripple than "handicapable" or "alternately-abled".
    Dude just because you are ok with it dosen't mean other people have to be! It is politically incorrect and rude.... and FYI I prefer to be called physically challenged....

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheeliegirl2010 View Post
    Dude just because you are ok with it dosen't mean other people have to be! It is politically incorrect and rude.... and FYI I prefer to be called physically challenged....

    I think his point is that PC and rude is in the ear of the listener. Some people take offense to terms others don't. I think sometimes ya just gotta take humor in some things. But really words only have the power you give them. you let it bug you, it bugs you.

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    If you are offended by the word cripple then you are taking offence, which is the case most of the time people take offence. If you are offended by the word cripple you have probably been deceived into thinking you are being sensitive and more caring than other people that would use such a word. You are not more caring, sensitive or better you are just "politically correct" You are being manipulated, so good luck with that. Most words are just that words. There are some that their only purpose is to hurt and demean but cripple is not one of them. I am not saying that someone can not use it in an hurtful manner but the word itself is not rude, wrong, or mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cripple Concepts View Post

    I worked for #78 Furniture Row Racing from 2005-2008.
    Thanks Josh--I believe Kenny Wallace was driving for you all then?
    C5-6 Complete - 8/13/1982

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cripple Concepts View Post
    Thanks for all the comments and taking the time to complete my survey. For those offended by the name, I think Donno nailed my feelings on the matter perfectly.

    I am not disabled, I actually have lots of abilities! At the same time I'm not differently abled, last I checked I couldn't walk through walls or fly. I suppose handicapped is better than other words, but I feel it makes me sound lesser since in sports the term handicap is used in describing someone with lesser skill. I used to use the term gimp, however it sounds more like someone who walks with a limp than one who uses a wheelchair to me. Other than when describing people with disabilities, the only use of the word cripple I'm familiar with is in construction, where cripple studs are used in framing. Unlike the term handicap in sports, the cripple stud in framing is just as important as a regular stud just shorter and used above doors and above and below windows.

    I will let my products speak for themselves, I suppose the company name may prevent a few sales but it is not going to change. Thanks again for taking the time to take my survey.
    be careful, some people in here will start calling you an overachiever, show-off, and other various names with this kinda talk

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    that's one of the problems with the world today everybody so damn pc sensitive. in the life we are stuck in we have to build thick skin by now. just call it like it is. i like the name as long as the price is good people will buy it.
    Street Dreamz c.c. maryland

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    Keep the name Josh, if the products are good even the "offended" will buy. Took the survey.
    Pharmacist, C4-5 injury but functional C6 (no triceps/flexors)

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    I'm about to take the survey if it's still up.

    As for the name of the company, I'd say in the end that's the company owners call.

    Unfortunately, no matter -what- term you use there's always going to be someone, or a number of people who will be offended by it - This goes for all things, not just this. You can't please everyone. The way I see it is this: The name doesn't matter nearly as much as what the company does matters.

    Just offering my own, personal views on the matter.

    As for me... Yeah, I'm a cripple, I can't walk. I am not disabled, because as someone stated so accurately above, I have plenty of abilities. Alternately-abled is just baby-talk to me, and therefor more insulting than 'cripple'.

    If someone wants to make fun of the fact that I can't walk, that says a lot more about them than me, and I have the advantage of being able to run them over, or.. at least their foot

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    I would like a custom-sized (I'm tiny) shower/commode chair that folds up & fits in a suitcase so I can continue my globe-trotting lifestyle.

    I would also like a motorized camera "tripod" attached to my chair that could move the camera up and down, pan and tilt, all controlled by voice commands.

    I would like a voice controlled e-book reader.

    I think someone ought to make a wheelchair tilt mechanism that automatically adjusted to keep you at the angle you prefer even when going up and down hills and ramps.

    I think all quads should be issued robotic arms. Then the revolution can begin...

    As for the name, I see it as reclaiming derogatory language and redefining it as positive. He's indicating that the company will be run by someone with membership in this historically oppressed group, as no able-bodied CEO could or should dare use such a name. Plus he's got some alliteration going on there. The only problem with that is non-disabled people generally aren't savvy enough to know we're redefining their term, and might take it as tacit permission to use the word "cripple".

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    If we were openly referred to as cripples again, the term would not be derogatory. Look at any 30 or 40 year old dictionary, all it means is that we can't walk. When people see someone in a wheelchair, they think "cripple", feel guilty about it, and then blurt out something politically correct. I think that PC is the most incorrect movement I have ever seen, taking ordinary words and making them "wrong".
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