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Thread: Documentary- call for help, advice and potential contributors in UK

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    Documentary- call for help, advice and potential contributors in UK

    Hello, my name is Amber Comerford and I live in Glasgow. I am posting here as I want to make a documentary about recovery from spinal injury and am keen to get some advice and help to make this happen.

    I would like to speak to people who have been through this situation and also to make contact with people and their families who are currently going through this. The reason for wanting to make this film has come from the fact that my Uncle became paraplegic after a car accident abroad- I want to try and gain some understanding of what this recovery process is like.

    I have been working in tv for 6 years and this documentary idea has been shortlisted for the Scottish Documentary Institute Bridging the Gap Scheme-

    I have also secured support from a top Scottish documentary company, Matchlight-

    I am particularly keen to try and focus the documentary around someone's journey from hospital to moving back home.

    Thanks very much for your time.

    With best wishes,


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    I would suggest that you take a look at Matthew Reeve's documentary on his dad, Christopher Reeve. It is a good place to look for ideas.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    I would also recommend looking at the trilogy of films by the late Barry Corbet: "Changes", "Outside", and "Survivors" are among the classic documentaries/educational films about living with SCI, even though they were all made a number of years ago. Still distributed by Lighthouse Productions.


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    PM either keps or Rehab Rhino, both from the UK, and ask what rehab they went to. If you want to follow someone from injury onward, you'll need to have some sort of relationship with the rehab faculty beforehand imo.

    Good luck, it sounds an excellent project. The little experience I've had working w/ documentary film makers makes me think this may be a tough idea to pull off.

    Have you seen Murderball? If not, you really must. It's a doc about the American quad rugby team. It also contains some interviews w/ the freshly injured while still in rehab. That part was actually v. difficult for me to watch, suppressed memories came flooding back so that I could suddenly SMELL rehab. The one time I returned to rehab post-sci, the smell nearly made me faint, and I'm not exaggerating. It's not that it stinks, but smells are so evocative. New SCI/rehab is TOUGH, I'd suppressed those memories for good reason.

    Does Glasgow have an SCI rehab? If so that's probably the place to start.

    I once saw a traveling Van Gogh exhibit at the Glasgow art museum. I also visited a church there, I recall the stained glass had all these warrior themes, unlike any other church or cathedral I've ever seen. Got kicked out of a pub there too LOL, my stepbrother was mixing cider and lager to make "Snakebites". The publican was most displeased. Anyway, Scotland was cool, Just wanted to tell you I thought so!
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    You may find this thread usefull......... contains a series of articles about her rehab. by Melanie Reid of The Times who is a patient at Glasgow Spinal Injuries Unit now, after breaking her neck in a riding accident at the beginning of the year.

    Queen Elizabeth Spinal Injuries Unit,
    Southern General Hospital,
    1345 Govan Road,
    G51 4TF
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    Hi Bethany,

    Thanks very much for your post and your advice- I have heard of that documentary, but have not seen it- thanks for the recommendation.

    I agree, I do think this is going to be a difficult doc to make, especially for people to feel comfortable enough to share their experiences.

    I am currently in the process of getting in touch with the National Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow and looking for other people who would like to be involved.

    Glad you had a good time when you came over to Glasgow- I've been living here about 8 years now- masde the journey North from England, and am still enjoying it!

    With best wishes,


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    Hi Timaru,

    Thanks very much for both links- both really helpful and relevant- if I can get even a shade close to the power and strength of Melanie Reid's writing, I believe it will be a great doc.

    With best wishes,


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    Hi Cheesecake and SDI Nurse

    Thanks very much for your posts- I will check out those docs.

    With best wishes,

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    Hi Amber,
    Already been on touch with you and there are a few of us who dabble in both sites. You may find someone here who is not involved in the other one so good luck.

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