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Thread: Intermittent, position related, pinching pain on shoulder blade

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    Intermittent, position related, pinching pain on shoulder blade

    I've recently developed an intermittent, sharp pinching type pain on the back of my shoulder. Until today it was only when my arm was extended in front of me with my plam down and elbow slightly out - when using the mouse/keyboard or handcontrol on van. On Friday I drove for 6 hours and now its a nearly constant pain. At the top of my shoulder blade, kind of where my bra strap runs...
    I'll see my Dr. this week sometime but does anyone have an experience, ideas?
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    I'm going to guess that you overdid stressing your shoulder with the 6 hours. I use Arnica cream when I do something like that. Sometimes icing the spot helps as well.

    As far as the recent onset of this pain, I get similar when I get involved at the computer. I make myself take a break every 15 minutes and stretch and do a little range of motion on my right shoulder and arm. I also use my cruise control when driving as much as possible; and I have a left hand control because I do use my right hand for so much.
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    I was in the hospt's ER 3 weeks ago due to low O2 saturation for about 12hrs. The next day felt like a wooden puppet doll a sadistic child owned and threw against walls, stomped on etc (really needed psychiatric help). All wore off in a day or 4 except my left shoulder. It throbs I can literally feel and see a muscle-tendon? moving up and down in the mirror. I can't push myself up on it. It is super frustrating and I can't transfer and pushing my manual chair is so painful. I see my ortho guy in mid Nov. Emi, I don't know how you do it. I can just hide. A heating pad helps but you're chasing toddlers. My biggest problem is my roots are beginning to show.

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    Are any new nerve roots being impinged upon? Try taking some Ibuprofen or Aleve to see if you are having an inflammation problem.

    See if it is worse when you put your head at a specific angle like that necessary to drive or work on the computer as opposed to a tucked chin position.

    I know from experience that the verts above and below a fusion are eventually at risk for problems because they get more wear and tear taking up the slack for the immovable fused verts.

    Or it could be just a muscle spasm.
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    Thanks...I read on the net to put my scalpula down and in, sitting pretty straight basically - its helps.... guess I did overdo the driving, it was raining hard so couldn't use cruise control.

    I hope it clears up.

    Dash - I find that chasing kids distracts me at least - hard to say no to the kids.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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