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Thread: 20x18 TiLite 2GX with HD Package

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    20x18 TiLite 2GX with HD Package

    Up until now, I have found "heavy duty option" and "ultralightweight folding wheelchair" to be a contradiction in terms. Extra cross braces, fold down backrest stabilizer bars, and restrictions in available options tended to transform an ultralightweight wheelchair into anything but that.

    TiLite makes some of the lightest folding frame chairs on the planet, but anyone in the market for an ultralightweight wheelchair had to look elsewhere if they happened to weigh more than 250 lbs . Until Now.

    The day after I found out TiLite decided to break the 250 lb. barrier by offering a 350 lb "heavy duty" package on the 2GX and AeroX, I was asking our rep if I could spec out a demo for our clinic. My hope was that we would finally get a decent "big boy's chair" for the 5 to 10 veterans we see each year who need a new chair and weigh >265 lbs.

    We have had this sharp-looking 20x18 2GX HD demo for several weeks now...

    ...and I'm pleased to report that we now have an efficient ultralightweight big boys chair for our clinic. Despite it's seat size and weight capacity, this wheelchair feels rigid and is easy to self-propel.

    The specs...

    - 20"x18" Long Frame
    - 80 Degree Fixed Front End
    - Heavy Duty Package (350 lb. weight limit)
    - Folding Back Stabilizer Bar
    - Seat-To-Floor Heights: 20"F/17.5"R
    - Adjustable Height Fixed Back w/ 8 Deg Bend (16-20)
    - Center of Gravity: 2.5"
    - Angle Adjustable Flip-Up Footrests
    - 5x1" Billet Aluminum Wheels w/ Soft Roll Tire
    - 25" Spinergy SPOX Wheel - Black Spokes
    - Natural Fit LT Handrims without Thumb Grip
    - Push-to-Lock Uni-Locks
    - Removable Height Adjustable Desk Arms w/ Side Guard (12"-15")

    With single post armrests (tubular arms are not available), long tab hand rims, no camber, and minimal wheel spacing, the overall width is 8" greater than seat width...

    The be able to support the weight of end users who may be pushing that 350 lb. weight limit, the HD armrest receiver uses a wider clamp and incorporates an additional dowel pin through the frame. The seat rails also lock into reinforced rear side saddles mounted on the rear axle plate. While the AeroX and 2GX are considered to be "fully-adjustable" chairs, potential end users of the HD option should be aware these differences will limit the range of COG adjustment . On our demo, it didn't appear we could move our rear axle any further forward given the design of the axle plate, side saddle, armrest receiver, and cross brace location (without ordering different parts).

    For the HD package, TiLite also uses an elegantly simple folding backrest rigidizing bar design...

    Over time, self-propelling a manual wheelchair will almost always take a toll on the upper limb function of any full-time manual wheelchair user. The new HD package for the AeroX and 2GX can help minimize this toll on the heavier end user. Of course, potential candidates for the HD package will be even better off if they can eliminate the need for it in the first place. If not, it's nice to know that there are now legitimate folding frame ultralightweight big boy's chairs out there.
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    I'm curious... What is the Width of this chair it when it is folded?

    Your photo indicates that it is ~28 inches wide when fully opened or seat width of 20" plus 8" Thanks
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    I´m from Brazil trying to order this same chair w/ heavy duty package. Have some doubts. Anyone can help?

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