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Thread: rear axle setup

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    rear axle setup

    my physio and chair salesmen never told me this but how do you setup the rear axle in relation to your body weight. Another physio just told me you should be able to do a wheelie and balance with you moving your head back and forth and little moving the wheels with your hands.

    how do you adjust the axle back and forth to your body weight?
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    you are referring to the center-of-gravity, not all chairs have this adjustment. What type of chair do you have?

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    yeah, that's COG & it's not something you set based on your weight. It's a matter of personal preference & how tippy you want your chair to be.

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    Ya, that's a personal choice. The more forward, the easier it is to pick up the front end but also the easier to flop over backward. I personally like mine where I can lay back in the chair without it tipping over. A lot of people like them forward a bit more than that.

    I recommend just moving it forward 1/2" or 1" at a time each day until you get to where it feels too tippy for you. Then back up some. Just my personal experience. Also notice if you carry backpacks often, you'll want to consider that also when adjusting your CoG. I keep my laptop bag on the chair when testing adjustments. When I go too far, it becomes WAY too tippy with the bag on the chair, but fine without... Depends how/what you carry.

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    Adjusting the COG varies depending on the type of chair you use. Take a look at where your axle attaches to the frame. Most newer chairs have an axle tube that goes all the way from wheel to wheel. Folding (and some older rigid) chairs will have axle plates bolted to the frame. Whatever you have, thee should be some way of loosening or unbolting and moving the position of the wheels forward or backward. Forward makes the chair easier to do wheelies but "tippy", while backward is more stable. If you have the type of chair that allows you to slide the axle tube along the frame tube, make sure that you mark the original position, and make sure that you have moved both sides the same distance before tightening the nuts.
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    I say move it as far forward as you are comfortable with. Adjusting a little bit a at a time.
    I just moved my axle 1/4 inch forward 2 days ago, and I wish I had done it years ago (I thought I had already found my comfort zone).
    Its alot easier to push, and especially through grass/dirt cause my front end is alot lighter.
    I can poppawheelie with just my thumb and forefinger gripping the wheels, so it's pretty much at that balance point. I wouldn't call it tippy though, I feel in control.
    Another bonus is I can turn in tighter spaces with my wheels more forward. Even getting my chair in my truck (with wheels off) is easier. Funny what 1/4inch will do.
    I will say I don't have to deal with many hills, and I have good balance, so do whatever feels best for you. You can always return to original position.
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    awesome, thanks guys. I didn't know how far to go for the first adjustment but I will try 1/2". I got a TiLite zra. I wheel in loose gravel all tghe time, so between this and some knobby tires that should help. thanks for the help
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