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Thread: Any in socal?

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    Any in socal?

    Looking to make cash.
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    Most clinical trials related to SCI do NOT pay the participants.

    You can search for legitimate clinical trials through this website:

    Participation in one trial usually means you cannot participate in another at the same time. It is not a way to make a living (and yes, you do have to declare any stipend received as income).


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    The Pathokinesiology department at Rancho Los Amigos usually has a research study going on. You can call them (I don't have their number handy) and see if you qualify for any of their studies. I am participating in one related to manual wheelchair users and the incidence of shoulder pain. It is a 3 year study with intake, follow up at 18 months, and and end of study eval at 3 years. I also have an odometer on my wheelchairs (everyday and tennis) that they get readings from every 6 weeks, along with tracking the number of transfers (all), the number of car transfers, hills pushed up, number of pressure reliefs, etc.
    I know they are working on starting a new research study about car transfers, but don't know if they have all the necessary equipment yet to begin the study.
    Some of the local PT schools and other med programs are in need of subjects to do evaluations on, and they often pay for time. I helped with one of these in the past where the PT students came in and learned how to do ASIA evaluations as well as evaluation of physical abilities in people with SCI.
    It can take time to find these things, but they are out there. I have always stumbled across them on accident (I got an email about the PT students, and found out about Rancho from the Abilities Expo).
    Good luck!
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    Nurse, That link didn't work. Can you post it again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camille View Post
    Nurse, That link didn't work. Can you post it again?
    SCI Nurse just transposed a couple of letters. The website is:

    All the best,

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