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Thread: Widget, Rio Pivot and so on

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    Widget, Rio Pivot and so on

    So the lever propulsion systems. The Widget, Rio Pivot and other systems that people have put up here from time to time. Has anyone actually used one or own one? What are people's impressions?

    I am thinking that the hilly terrain here is starting to get ahead of me. I am thinking about something I can attach to the chair when I'm out doing long distance in the world. I don't want it there everyday.

    Thoughts? Comments?

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    I have the wijit and it's not suitable for swapping in and out quickly with regular wheels. It's an entire wheel assembly, and you need to use specific Axel receivers and/or camber tube. But I really like the action and not having to shift my hands. You should look at nudrive levers, which work in a similar fashion but clip onto regular wheels

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    i've been using the pivot for about 2 months, and am ready to return it, hopefully for a refund. several design flaws - shifting is clunky, wheels not swappable, push rims are very smooth and almost unusable, the brakes are terrible. the wijit looks better, will look at nudrive as well.

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