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Thread: What can be done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Given the situation you describe, I see no reason that should be required, esp. if it allows her no privacy. I assume that it is on "listen mode" all the time? This means that she cannot even have a private phone conversation without someone else listening in, and for what purpose? This is another behavior that smacks of the abuser who isolates the person and convinces them that they cannot exist without the abuser's constant presence and "support" and is constantly monitoring their activities/contacts.

    Again, your assessment of the situation is very accurate. Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    On the other hand, a wireless door bell or phone she can use independently to get help WHEN SHE WANTS IT only, would be appropriate and a good idea.
    A wireless door bell is an excellent solution. Thank you.

    I bought a wireless headset which was used at the rehabilitation center.
    It is "plug and play", meaning very simple to set up and use.
    Unfortunately, it has not been set up at home yet.

    Again, thank you.

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    From a PM from Darryl to the SCI-Nurses:
    Quote Originally Posted by Darryl
    I sincerely appreciate your help and I've been up all night researching this. The more I research the sicker I feel. I am very disappointed by what I have found on the Attorney General's website for Ontario, Canada.

    "Psychological, emotional and financial abuse should also not be tolerated, although they are not considered to be crimes."

    Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario

    I need the name of the case manager and report this to her -- right? Can you think of anyone else I should report this to?

    She doesn't have access to a telephone unless she asks for it. This woman has a very large and beautiful home and her mother has just taken over. I hate seeing her being robbed of so much.

    Thank you for helping us.

    Unfortunately I do not know much about the laws in Canada. It is unfortunate that it appears that non-physical abuse is NOT a crime there as it is in the USA.

    I would hope that organizations such as the Canadian Paraplegic Association would take the initiative to get such provincial or federal legislation passed. I would recommend contacting them to find out about resources and possible avenues to get some action taken in this situation, in addition to talking to the case manager/social worker at the rehab center which arranged this discharge plan.


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    Oh Daryl...I hope you get this solved quickly for your friends sake. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

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