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Thread: ADI Brake Disk Brake System

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    ADI Brake Disk Brake System

    I recently purchased a Disk Brake system for my Invacare A4, the ADI DB System. I fitted to my chair yesterday, will keep you all (that are interested) posted. I still need to make a few tweaks to the brake balance, but it seems very good.

    One thing that has struck me is how monumentally bad standard wheelchair brakes really are, I mean NONE of them offer gradual braking, which to my mind should be a prerequisite.

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    Hey WW, keep me posted on this disc brake. I am looking around at how the mountain bike technology is being applied to wheelchairs/handcycles, etc, e.g, carbon fibre technology, disc brakes, carbon wheels, ceramic bearings, spokes, etc.

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    did you get it with the sun fusion wheel or did you go with other wheel (spinergy, roundbetty,sun rims etc) instead?

    i have the sun fusion with ADI db, and i'm telling you it has some play.but u'll get used to it after a while...
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    Hey smokin', over the weekend I had my first chance to really try this system out and am very pleased with it. I would recommend it to anyone. Oh, on the subject of bicycle tech applied to wheelchairs; have you seen the NORDIGO system?, it combines a brake system much like ADI's with chain driven push levers. Amazing.

    Hey nia, Yeah I did notice a bit of play between the wheel and the sprocket actually, makes you wonder if wear could worsen that over time?. I got the FusionDB wheels (black hub looks cool with black spokes and rim, my chair is ALL black).

    I'd hope this (or a similar) system gets that well known it will become a common option for all wheelchairs. I am actually surprised not many people know about this system, I mean PT's should be fully aware of options like this. I only found out about it because i'm inquisitive 'n shit.

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    How much are the ADI's? Most wheelchair brakes suck, but I find it hard to justify the price of DD's or Surelocks. I have Tilite uni locks on my TRa, and they stay out of my way while pushing and they are easier to lock than the scissors, but they are not a positive lock.
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    it's usd650....spline drive at additional charge, or get a sun fusion DB wheel...

    wahwah : yeah...i do feel like it's going to wear out overtime.but some have used it for 3 years with no effect on the wear...i just hope it lasts em though...mine was silver, but i chromed it to suit my polished titanium finish....
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    Yeah Donno, nia's right $650 US, for the basic system.

    Hey nia, polished titanium with chrome, sounds sweet as!...I reckon my next mod might be frogs legs's UNI-TINE forks with some 1.5" wide allow casters, possibly get the casters in anodized black.

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    same as my next mod!a pair of unitine and 1.5 inch caster.the fork would be green to match my anodized part, but i'm going to get silver anodized and polish it to match my frame.haha!

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    LOL. that's insane, hey I have to ask. Any reason you are not going for the traditional frogs legs suspension forks?

    My idea is that the uni-tine would be lighter (compared to the suspension frogs legs) and looks cool with that one sided fork. I'm more for being able to push myself around as easily as possible (ie: performance) and I will also freely admit I'm a sucker for cool looking mods.

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    i dont's just that i dont like the suspension idea on frog legs.tried on a friends quickie.once the rubber piece piece get soften, it tend to stuck on very small curbs, and it bounces during transfers.

    the unitine might be a lighter than the suspension forks, but not that significant compared to standard accommodate the stress by single sided wall, the wall is much thicker.for me, it's just plain cool...

    performance wise, i think the standard forks perform better.just think it from physic perspective for flex and strength and rigidity, but there's no bad reviews from unitine users.
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