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Thread: I have a used Theracycle 200 for sale

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    I have a used Theracycle 200 for sale

    It was bought one year ago for $5500 and no longer needed. I need to get rid of it! The only thing wrong with it is that the fuse is blown. I am willing to sell it for $1000 or less. If anyone is interested let me know on here or call (513)884-4378 and work something out. Thanks.

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    ...also if you buy the Theracycle, I will give you a Shoprider electric scooter (just needs a new battery in order to run) both for $1000 or less. I really just need them out of the house especially since they aren't needed.

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    Theracycle 200 still for sale (update)

    I finally decided to spend $2.00 and bought a new fuse for my Theracycle 200. It is now working in excellent condition once again. $800.

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    interested in you 200 still for sale?

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    i am interested in your 200 is it still for sale?
    did you buy it new? if so how long ago and also where are you located

    thanks gus

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    I am also very interested in your Theracycle. If it's still available please contact me at 760-815-3095 cell or 760-758-0645home.

    Thank you,
    Michael Kebely

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    Is the Theracycle still available? I'm very interested.

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    if you still have the theracycle for sale, please call Ken at 707-832-4448. i'm interested!

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    Re Theracycle 200 for sale

    I am interested if your Theracycle 200 is still available. Please contact me at 650-873-5181.

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    I have a Theracycle that has never been used $1000 plus shipping 775-253-0252

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