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Thread: The "Music Within" movie

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    The "Music Within" movie

    This movie was really good. I saw it this afternoon on TV, it was made 2007. It's about a disabled Vet who comes back from being in the service with a severe hearing disability and then he gets involved helping people with all disabilities get employment amoungst many other things. Towards the end of the movie it's 1992 and ADA is passed and things really start getting better, very interesting movie based on a true story.
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    I loved this film when I saw it as a sneak preview in 2007.

    Ron Livingston is great, and I almost didn't recognize Michael Sheen at first he does such a good job in his role.

    The main character is actually based on a real person, Richard Pimentel, who along with Justin Dart and many others, was instrumental in getting the ADA passed.

    Although it did have a commercial release, and got good reviews, the film was not a commercial success. Too bad.


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    Richard Pimentel was (is?) a very talented and charasmatic lecturer. I attended 2 or 3 ADA sessions (Windmills?) he taught. I think at one point (maybe still) he was married to Jeri Jewell a stand up comic/actress with CP who I used to like as well.

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