Wise, I re-read this post from you many times. Could you elaborate on it?

"...Regarding your question, I would not have advised a DREZ procedure in the lumbar enlargement of the spinal cord. The spinal cord ends at L1 and the lumbar enlargement is from about T11-L1. It contains most of the neurons that control muscles of the legs and pelvic region. Lesions of the spinal cord in this region, such as the DREZ at T12, may affect bowel, bladder, and anal sphincter, since neurons that control these functions are situated in the spinal cord under the L1 vertebra.

In my opinion, DREZ procedures should be limited to T10 or above and in people who have neurological levels of T10 or above. Otherwise, the lesion is likely to result in neurological loss of the type that you describe. Your belly button is T10. This suggests that you have lost your T11 function. Did they do DREZ on both sides? Is the loss mostly on one side and the side of the lesions?"

Iʻm an L-1 with a plate screwed in place on my left side, from the T-12 to the L-2.

Been a para for 32 years.