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Thread: Hurtful Words!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    Ummm ... shouldn't we get to know each other first?

    Anyway, my bangin' days are over

    Still good with hugging and erm.. other stuff.

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    Many early Black Flag shows ended in violence, often involving the Los Angeles Police Department. As a result the police tapped the label's phones and kept the SST office under surveillance

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    He had something over you and couldn't wait to throw it in your face. If you look deep you may discover you never liked him and only put up with him because he had a nice patch of grass.

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    Fishin' guy, that sucks. Sorry, man. Kids can be more hurtful than anyone...

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    Hunting land has become a very touchy thing in our area. I've heard a lot of stories of hard feelings and fights. There are valid arguments on either side which I am not trying to start a debate on here.
    But this guy was just being an ass.

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    Beth, thx, I feel it's part of the winding down factor, played basketball, had to quit 16 yrs ago, then quit work on ssi, then quit bird hunting, then hunted from the vehicle, now nada, next.... I'll be a vegetable in the front room....

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    fuck em

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    Donno, I have a sister who dispatches for the state patrol, I could'nt believe it when she told me they had started doing that with the road kill. For practical reasons, it makes sense, but I guess it just sounded gross to me. lol

    Fishin' guy, I'm so sorry the boys are doing this to you. I could try and excuse them telling you they probably don't realize how much this hurts you, but it would sound pretty lame. I wish you could find another way to go hunting. Are there any hunting clubs in your area that have days for the disabled? I've watched shows on tv about some clubs providing this service. Might not hurt to check around?

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    A well, it is what it is, and hunting is pretty rare here, not as popular as back east. Well, I'll stay at home and be warm while they're freezing cold.It just seems like life is slipping away.
    Lets see what happens with this guy and his "buddy"... will it resolve its self ... or will it be bitter to the end. It'll be interesting how the sons resolve the situation.

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    One of the most difficult things about a SCI is knowing where you really stand with folks.

    It is extremely painful to learn that a once trusted relationship has been corrupted by someone's inability to be upfront with you from the beginning.

    This world we live in is pretty brutal. If I "keep my place" then folks seem to be alright with that. I am constantly told that I need to keep my place and know my limitations. This frequently happens at work or when friends pull me aside to remind me of my limitations.

    Be careful who you trust. They could very well break your heart.

    Be careful with what you ask for. You might get it.

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