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Thread: Bladder Control and Pregnancy

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    Bladder Control and Pregnancy

    Hi everyone!
    My hubby and I are trying to get pregnant, but I have a concern about bladder control after giving birth.
    I am a para--T12/L1. I currently use intermitant catheterization but have had problems in the past with bladder spasms. Since I am trying to get pregnant, I have gone off of my medications for overactive bladder and have naturally noticed an increase in the spasms. But as long as I empty my bladder every 3-4 hours, it's not a problem. And I am intending to take the medications again, if needed, after the pregnancy.
    I am just wondering if any of you noticed decreased control of you bladder or any other bladder complications after giving birth. If you did experience changes, were they permanent or did they get better with time.
    Thank you so much!

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    One concern can be the inability to do Kegel exercises after delivery if you have a normal vaginal delivery. I know a woman who has a paraplegic injury and is a family planning nurse practitioner, and this is the reason that she opted to have an elective C-section when she delivered, and it worked out well for her. Something to discuss with both your OB/Gyn and your urologist (see if you can get them on the phone together with you).


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    I got a bladder stone after pregnancy (which could have started during preg or breastfeeding). According to my urologist, your body absorbs calcium differently at this time.
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    I lost control of my bladder all the time when last stages of 2 pregnancies. I had normal vaginal deliveries and everything went back to normal. I think it was the baby sitting on top of the bladder and squishing it, but after delivery it was okay.
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