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Thread: Rutgers' LeGrand has no movement below neck after spinal cord injury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Chappell View Post
    In my world, for me and the patients I see every day, no, they're wrong and painting an unrealistic picture.

    Do we have the same setup for curing paralysis? 1,000's of us going in for experimental surgery? Trials in the East, North, South and West? Available at more than one every 3-5yrs? Open to most of us, chronic or acute? To me, and so far in ten years, the answer has been a resounding NO!

    Maddening, sickening and disheartening....but quite true

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    Agree with much of what you said Chris, but the elephant in the room here is the SCI Community itself. A very small % of us are acting to make things happen. (I'm not tooting my own horn, I was injured several yrs before I got involved).

    More of us need to raise money/awareness, and get involved.

    We must organize and be heard or the pace of progress will be the same.

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    My heart goes out to this kid. This just sucks...

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    Jim, agreed, no doubt. We all have personal responsibility.

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    Good points Jim. Yes–our community does have a responsibility, much like a voter has a responsibility to choose his or her own government. Unfortunately, from my perspective and I would very much like to be wrong–but I just don't see a strong unifying organization.

    Chris–Is there any consensus among the newly injured on the progress of research or certain organizations who appear to be cutting edge? When I was first injured, I recall contacting the Reeve foundation because of Christopher. At that point, Mr. Reeve was still very much in the public eye and pushing awareness–and as someone new to this alien world I had no connections or understandings about SCI other than him. What are things looking like on the inside?

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    Chaz ~ I wish I had different news, but no, not that I have seen or read about. Hope you and your family are well.

    Onward and upward,


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