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Thread: My new chair's casters, did I ask this already?

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    My new chair's casters, did I ask this already?

    OK, my M.S. Cog Fog is kicking in and I forget if I posted this question before.

    Can I replace my front casters on my new (used) Quickie Ti? The ones it came with are rubber blue ones and I don't really care for them. I also would like to get micro casters (what do you all know about them, pro's and con's?)

    Where could I find a good pair at a cheap price. My wife said I should go with the ones that light up, but I heard they don't last long.

    I looked at spinlife but didn't see any, if you have a website that sells ones that would fit my Q-ti, please post the link.



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    You should be able to find everything you need here:
    If your existing wheels are 3", you will need 76 mm wheels, 4" are 100 mm. If yours are larger, you may need to move to a different set of holes on your forks. They even have light-up wheels!

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    Hi Dave
    I heard this same question a year ago
    I own a Q Gti I have a different style than the norms so count my wheelchair out on this ok ?
    My friend likes small front castors so he uses standard roller blade wheels you can get at most stores that sell them roller blades Skatboard thingies lol

    From what I recollect it is possible to use roller blade wheels if your hub pin bolt is the same diameter

    Regarding my chairs !!! When I change my parts I use locktite on my threads so I dont have to retighten my parts but thats just my own style .

    Good luck
    just ttrying to share some info
    Sincerely ;

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    You can definitely replace the casters on your chair.
    How big are your current casters? Are there any holes below the ones you're using in the caster forks? Are you willing to lower your front seat height? All of those things will impact whether you can use micro casters.
    I've never used micro casters, but my understanding is that they are great on smooth surfaces and make the chair very easy to turn. The disadvantage is that they can easily get stuck in concrete seams, tree branches, rocks, etc.

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    I love this geeky stuff
    Some front castor forks have nice multiple depth mounting holes which helps with the fine tuning of someones particular chair

    EastRando So True
    micro castors are great for fancy turns and smooth surfaces but holy moly easily get stuck in ruts etc...
    I like 4 inch fronts
    Thats just my opinion
    also I prefer aluminum rims
    Black tires
    Simple but effective

    anyways off to the blundering tribe I must roll
    till next bat time and bat channel
    See you all

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