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Thread: How long does whooping cough last? Gah.

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    Just curious if you have mold problems in your home. I watched a show and the woman had your exact problems and come to find out it was from black mold in her home.
    “If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking.” Gen. Patton

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    Mem, were you able to go out with Wonder Dog yesterday? I hope you did.

    I never knew that whooping cough vaccine had to be boosted.
    I never much thought about whooping cough, but reading this thread, I think if I ever got it, I'd be in trouble with the coughing. I'm a high para and I don't have full diaphragm strength.

    Hope things look up soon. <- and smokymtmmemories in the huggle.

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    No mold that I've ever seen, Suz. No moldy smells or sightings. Good thought, though.

    K, thanks for the hug. Get a tetanus/pertussis booster shot!

    Yes, to the coughing problems. I understand. Even if you have trouble, you still cough with whooping cough. (Did they ever teach you to cough in rehab or when you've had respiratory infections?) You cough with w.c. whether you want to or not and ditto for the throwing up when at its worst.

    I bet tabs crack ribs with this crap.

    I did go out with Wonder Dog for a short time Friday Evening. She loved it and so did I! She yelped and cried at me because I was with her. She's accustomed to me playing with her and petting her a solid hour or more each day (She's been at my Uncle's nonstop while I've been sick.) At least outdoors, I'm not coughing in a confined space around other people or her. My Uncle was outside with us, too. I was glad to see him, see someone for more than a quick receiving of care packages or flowers at my door.

    I appreciate the care packages and flowers I've gotten these last weeks. I don't mean that. I've just missed human contact and talking makes me cough so even the phone has been out of question for anything longer than a few minutes. It annoys the caller and me when I began to sound as though I'm hacking up a lung or two inside of a minute of convo.

    Friday was my first day outdoors and was the most I had pushed since getting sick. I needed it. As long as it's not wet outside, I'm going a little each day. Being outside suits me better than indoors any time.

    Well, that's it from here. Checking with my doc tomorrow about a steroid inhaler.

    Hugs back to you and anyone else reading. Hope you are better today, T/SmokyMtnMemories.

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    Thanks LaMem, I'm slowly feeling better, and I know what you mean about that talking and hacking. lol Now, since the coughing is better, I seem to be getting hoarse when I talk very much.

    LaMem, one thing, I forget how long you've been stuck indoors, but my last blood work showed me lacking in Vitamin D. I had to go on a mega dose of D3. Taking my multi every day evidently was'nt good enough.

    I've been going outside now for about a week. I'm glad you're starting to get out too. It was too hot this summer to even sit out on the screened in porch. I'm really enjoying opening up the front door and sitting out on the porch. I'll bet Wonder dog was excited to see you outside. I'm with you, as long as it's not wet, I'd rather be outside and the porch makes it possible to go out as long as it's not blowing hard. Sometimes up in these foothills, the wind can be a bit strong.

    Hugs back to you and Keps!

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    Just want you to know I've been thinking of you and have been v. concerned. It's a relief to hear you were able to get out for a bit, at least.

    A little story...The grief counselor says it is normal to be forgetful at this stage. I had read your advice re booster shots, thought "OMG, this sounds terrible, I DO NOT WANT", and dutifully made a doctor's appt, which of course wasn't until 12 days later. Went to the appt, talked to doctor about several issues. Came home and realized I'd forgotten why I made the appt in the 1st place!

    Still thinking that her office ppl, that asked why I wanted an appt and triaged me so far into the future, should have documented what my appt was for...LOL, that may well be unreasonable. But back in the day, when I made appt's for doctors, I did that very thing.

    Thanks for warning us, really, whooping cough, whoda thunk it?

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    Mem, I think I will mention this when I next see my doctor!
    I wasn't told how to cough properly in rehab. It was only when I went back for two weeks and choked on some water (I have terrible trouble breathing if I choke on anything post-sci) that someone decided it was time to show me.

    Aw, I bet Wonder Dog was sooo glad to have you back with her! Sorry it can only be for a short time right now.

    Let us know what your doctor says about the inhaler.

    Thanks for the hugs back, and smokymtnmemories - thank you too! I'm stuck in bed since Sunday with a blip on my ass, so need a few hugs. *smiles*

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    I'd not thought of the lack of sunshine, Smoky Mtn. Gah. Was pale before and now paler. I take a multi-vit each day like you. Will put a call in and ask about anything else I might need re: vitamins and/or minerals.

    Keep improving, keep recuping. You've had a rough road this last year with the surgeries and infections. Hopefully it smooths from here for you.

    B, no surprises the grief is causing memory loss for you. No, you aren't losing your mind. You're doing what you can, doing the best you can with all you have experienced.

    It can help to write things down so you don't forget the details. I did that for a time post divorce when I had put my glasses (seeing not drinking variety) in the fridge and could not find them. That was when I realized just how distracted and forgetful I was. Grief and stress can do some odd things to us. The mind goes on auto pilot, seems to disengage for a time.

    K, Wonder Dog was exceedingly happy. Me, too! That dog brings so much happiness wherever she goes. I'm missing human and WD contact and that tells me I'm getting better still. Today was my least cough-y day so far. Hope the trend continues.

    Yes, Advair added to the regimen of inhalers. Hope it gets me over this last of the w.c.

    Headed for bed here. Hugs and g'night to all.

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    Please get better soon, am concerned for you.

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    P/Princess, working on it. What I had thought was a regular, run of the mill respiratory infection in late August and what I had thought was just asthma and allergies rearing ugly heads after dormancy, was more. The misdiagnosis and wrong abx derailed and set me back.

    I'm getting a little better each day. I feel even better today than yesterday. Hooray!

    If all goes well and the coughing is nil, I hope to meet up with friends next week for a couple of hours. Whether it's next week or not, it will have been a long time coming when it does happen.

    Miss you much!

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    I'm glad you felt better today, LaMem. It's a long road sometimes when we "catch" something. Just please stay on top of it, it blew my mind when they told me I needed to take vit d! My dil, the nurse, yelled at me all summer to open up the blinds and let the sunshine in. I did'nt. Did'nt want it to get any hotter in here. I'm lucky, she did'nt tell me I told you so, and just handed me the vitamins with a smile.

    Kepsi! Be careful of the blip on the butt child! It is too easy to get a nasty pressure sore.

    Don't worry about the memory, etc Betheny. It will all straighten up soon. You've had a hell of a year. Our body sometimes does things like this to protect us. You'll be right as rain before you know it. Just take it easy and get some rest whenever you get the chance. I'd be surprised if you're sleeping're sleeping too much. Hang in there, times will get better.

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