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Thread: Working 2 Walk 2010!

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    Working 2 Walk 2010!

    Good grief, it's almost here ~~

    With just 4 weeks to go until Working 2 Walk, the research and recovery news just keeps getting better. The timing is perfect for you to get the latest updates, IN PERSON, from:

    GERON - Ed Wirth, Associate Medical Director, will present the latest information on the just-launched clinical trial using its hESC -based therapy in spinal cord injury patients

    INVIVO THERAPEUTICS - Frank Reynolds, CEO and himself a spinal cord injury survivor, will discuss his company's novel technology for delivering stem cells to the spinal cord

    SCINET CHINA & USA - Dr. Wise Young will discuss the study of umbilical cord blood cells and lithium in the treatment of chronic spinal cord injury.

    That's not all. Drs. Stephen Davies & Philip Horner will present results from some exciting studies in their labs. We'll have breakout sessions that feature the latest in real-time complementary therapies, including:

    Adaptive Yoga with Jo Zukovich. When Jo came to W2W in Washington a couple years ago, the participants LOVED this session. Truly an extraordinary opportunity

    Nutritional Consideratons in Chronic SCi with Susan Testa. Susan is a nationally recognized expert on this subject and will address an often overlooked but very important consideration for all those living with a spinal cord injury

    Functional Outcomes through Activity Based Restorative Therapies (ABRT). Dr. Cathy Larson will share data from her work at CSCIR and discuss the benefits of an intense physical therapy program.

    Developing a home-based ABRT Program with Dr. John McDonald. One of the first proponents of intensive exercise for treating spinal cord injuries, Dr. McDonald will lead a discussion on developing your own home-based, individualized ABRT program.

    And there's more. Join leading advocates from the paralysis community who will conduct hands-on workshops, sending you home with the tools and expertise to help you become part of the cure effort.

    Working with the Media - Sabrina Cohen
    Community Fundraising - Karen Miner & JenJen
    Legislative Action - Rachel Hammerman & Todd Phillips
    Corporate & Micro Fundraising - Martin Codyre

    There's still time to register . . . as many of you know, no amount of online talking (or live-blog reading ) can take the place of a couple of days being face to face with the leaders in the field. We've been at this for the last 4 years, and this is the first time we'll have scientists talking to us about current, live, human clinical trials.

    Enough with the rats, already! Come and meet the people who are bringing legitimate, FDA-approved therapies to people.
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    Great opportunity, Kate.

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    Very nice Kate! I feel like before I could not see the cure because was so far away, now I see it in front of me and I still cannot touch it.


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    Will be interesting to hear the latest prediction in years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky View Post
    Will be interesting to hear the latest prediction in years.
    Five years. Just plausible now.

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    Kate, Would love to go but with 2 young children-one with SCI and a 20 hr flight time-doesn't look like its going to happen! Would love to be surrounded by such positive people and meet you all but maybe next time. hope to hear how it goes. Enjoy! Sonia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky View Post
    Will be interesting to hear the latest prediction in years.
    With more support from the community, I predict curative therapies will be available sooner.

    This is a tough community to motivate. I hope with some of the recent advancements, people start believing that the pieces will indeed come together. Perhaps then, we'll have more people advocating and a better chance at seeing recovery in our lifetimes.

    This is a team effort and right now we need to add some members to that team. A great start is to join us at Working 2 Walk. We have a number of people traveling to Phoenix to share with you what they're doing to help advance a cure. If you have a desire to be part of this effort, I hope we see you there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan M View Post
    Great opportunity, Kate.

    I dont see NSCIA listed as a sponsor...are they participating in W2W this year?

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    I just moved some posts to the Members Only Forum

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