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Thread: Spasticity and Atrophy

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    Spasticity and Atrophy

    I always thought that spasticity acted as a kind of exercise, stimulating the muscles and preventing atrophy; I'm confused, because although my leg spasticity is increasing, so is muscle atrophy. My quads and hamstrings are mushy and diminishing in size, with very little strength, even though my legs jerk almost all night long and I do my exercise program every day. What is the explanation for this? Thank you in advance for insights.

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    yes.. spasms help slow down the atrophy process but u r not weight bearing, not exercising, no muscles are being used in activity.. pronto?

    try using a e stim, but this has to be done daily and lotsa time consumption
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    Thanks jerkens. I am doing my exercise program, but I guess that's not enough...looks like it's a race between nerve damage and efforts to combat it, eh? Will look into e-stim.

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    Would standing help? In standing frame or standing chair?

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    Hi Kati! I stand as part of my exercise program and can ambulate for short distances with AFO and forearm maybe I've just lost too much nerve function for the spasticity to offset. I'll be getting a new AFO in a couple of weeks, maybe that will help.

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    My legs do this too, but I think it's hip flexors that jerk the legs. So, the quads and hams are just along for the ride.


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    Thank you patd, that makes a lot of jerking does start at the hip. You'd think the hip flexors would be stronger as a result, but noooooo!

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