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Thread: Drive Medical 12005KDC-1 Shower Bench

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    Drive Medical 12005KDC-1 Shower Bench

    I apologize in advance for the long rant below. In my opinion the 12005KDC-1 Drive Medical Shower Bench with Commode Opening is a Piece of trash.

    I worked with my insurance company for months to get a new Shower Commode bench. I am a T-4 paraplegic 11+years post injury, active and independent. I'm 5-11 and about 170 pounds. I have used the Guardian 98013A bench with commode cutout since my injury. However, the in-plan provider (Apria Healthcare) carries Drive instead of Guardian. Apria Healthcare delivered a 12005KDC a few days ago. I am very disappointed with the product.

    The commode cutout is too large for me. My entire behind drops through the opening leaving my hips hanging on the edges of the opening. The front of the opening is also too wide. The padding is thin and easily compressed. The inside edge of the commode opening is poorly padded. The back rest is too far back or the cutout is too far forward and neither one is adjustable.

    My plan at this point is to pay cash for a Guadian 98013A to replace the new bench to avoid skin damage and pressure sores.

    I sent this information to Drive Medical and the response was:

    "We are sorry to hear of any inconvenience.

    As the manufacturer only, all returns are serviced through our provider network.

    Please contact the provider where you purchased the item from for proper assistance with setting up a return under a customer change.

    Please be advised that most providers require your original proof of purchase and can only accept back unused items with their original packaging.


    Drive Medical Design & Mfg.
    Returns | Warranty Department

    Obviously the bench was delivered assembled and without the original packaging and is used. Therefore, cannot be returned. DUH!

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    I'd try cutting and pasting your reasons for not being able to use the chair into a letter to the insurance company and to the provider. I would also find any website that carries the chair and try to submit a review.

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