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Thread: parking in philadelphia

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    parking in philadelphia

    Did not know that Philadelphia allows those with handicapped parking tags an hour past their meter time!

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    In California a vehicle displaying a handicapped placard can park at a parking meter without paying and without a time limit.

    I guess if we are traveling between states, we need to go on line and find the regulations for other states. Then there is the issue of reciprocity. Does, say, Pennsylvania recognize a parking placard from California, and so on? Wish there could be some consistency, but motor vehicle regulations are a states' rights issue.


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    There is reciprocity amongst all states and the District of Columbia. Be aware, however, that some jurisdictions have additional requirements. Specifically, New York City requires a NYC permit.

    There is no one source for inter-state reciprocity; if you are worried, Google the destination jurisdiction's traffic code. For example, here is Florida's statute:
    RECIPROCITY: Section 316.1958, Florida Statutes, provides that motor vehicles displaying a license plate or parking permit issued to a disabled person by any other state or district subject to laws of the United States shall be recognized as a valid plate or permit, allowing such vehicle the special parking privileges in Florida, provided such other state or district grants reciprocal recognition for disabled residents of this state. All of the United States have agreed to reciprocate.
    Note that while your permit will be honored in all other states, not every jurisdiction has the same regulations, so you're always safest following any posted regulations. I've met wheelers who thought that because their city or town allows free parking at meters, for example, that every city and town allows free parking at meters - not necessarily the case.

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