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Thread: My new Quickie GTi

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    My new Quickie GTi

    Rear seat height : 16"
    Front seat height : 17"
    Seat width : 14"
    Seat depth : 15"
    Seat back height : 13"
    ⋯⋯Seat to footrest: 16"
    Back angle: adjustable
    Center of gravity: 2.5"
    Rear wheel spacing: 1.25"
    Camber: 3
    Front angle: 85
    Frame finish: natural titanium satin
    Footrest: ABS cover
    Rear wheel: lite spoke
    Rear wheel tire: Kik Maco
    Front casters: 5" aluminium (1.5 width)
    Handrim: natural fit
    Wheel lock: push to lock
    Seat cushion: Jaylite
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    sweet ride, keep us posted on how it holds up.

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    Looks nice and compact.

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    congrats for your new chair, very little i can see.

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    i like.
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    Very nice looking! Congratulations!

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    Clean! Congratulations!

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    Congrats and Enjoy!

    What tires are those? What is the chair's total weight?
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    looking good, enjoy!

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